How to watch The Last of Us on HBO?

How to watch The Last of Us on HBO?

The famous American post-apocalyptic drama, The Last of Us, is a TV series created by Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann. January 15, 2023, released series follows the same path as Joel and Ellie. The smuggler is tasked to safeguard a young girl Ellie and smuggle her to the West. On their journey, they discover many obstacles in the shape of infected zombies and humans after them. The trailer is intriguing enough for the audience while they keep wondering How to watch The Last of Us on HBO?

We are here to give you all, the follow-up/ instructions you need to watch The Last of Us latest episodes. Before we dig into it, let’s catch up with the last of Us storyline without any spoilers.

How to watch the last of Us on HBO Max?

With the growing popularity of the show, many are wondering how or where to watch The Last of Us. To answer the simple question, you can watch The Last of Us on HBO and Disney+ Hotstar. While if you wish to watch this series for free, unfortunately, your wish can not be granted. To enjoy the HD view of the show, you need its subscription. 

How to watch The Last of Us on HBO?

When you open the HBO Max site, click on the signup option. You can either sign up with your Email & Password or, you can sign up with a provider. Apart you’ll need an HBO Max account to enjoy its premium user benefits. An ad-free plan HBO Max plan costs $14.99/month, while with an ad it’s $9.99/month. Since HBO Max is not available in India, you can watch the show on Disney+ Hotstar. All you’ll need is a subscription you can either buy the premium subscription of rupees 1499/ year or rupees 299/month.

The Last of Us episode 5 recap:

In episode 5, we saw a new duo Henry & Sam, brothers and the only family left. Henry is willing to do anything to protect Sam, just like Joel is for Ellie. We also learned that Sam is deaf & both brothers use sign language to communicate. We also witness how hell-bent Katherine is to get revenge for her dead brother. When she finds Sam is almost ready to murder him a large group of infected, swarm, clickers & bloaters attacks them leaving a trail of bodies behind.

How to watch The Last of Us on HBO?

Katherine gets killed by a child clicker while Joel, Ellie, Sam, and Henry run away. We saw a scene in which Sam asked,” If you turn into a monster is it still your an insider?” Ellie. After getting bitten by the infected, Sam is just a few hours away from turning into one of them. Ellie tries to heal him with her blood, but it fails & Sam dies. Henry unable to cope with the consequences dies too. Episode 5 was emotional but a powerful lesson for Joel to understand the bond he’s developing with Ellie.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Preview:

Episode 6 Preview | The Last of Us | Max

We saw in this preview that Ellie confesses to Joel about her attempt to save Sam. However, she failed. We also witness Joel reunited with his brother Tommy after searching for him. After getting glimpses of Tommy disclosing past of Joel about him murdering people, it’s clear that their relationship is stained. The episode is scheduled to air on February 19, 2023. Till then we can keep wondering if they trust each other. Or will there be another lesson for the duo? Catch up with the latest episode by renewing your HBO subscription!