iCarly season 4: Is it renewed or canceled?

iCarly season 4 Is it renewed or cancelled 2

“Welcome to the new iCarly. This is still iCarly, but it’s grown up now.”

Carly is now an adult & her life is still full of drama! The Goofy series is back with an amazing revival. Now we are still getting our weekly dose of the series, but fans can’t stop wondering how long they have. In simple terms, we are currently enjoying the third season, and fandom is asking about iCarly Season 4 renewal status. Before we jump in, let’s rewind our memories & see what happened in the last episode. After the whole class reunion thing, Marissa’s bachelorette party is the main focus. Carly is determined to prove to Marissa that she’s a good girlfriend for her son, but Marissa isn’t having that at all.

It’s still surprising us to see Carly and Freddie as a couple, although we have rooted for them from the start! At the end of Season 3 Episode 7, Marissa’s opinion of Creddie, especially for Carly (the time spent in the broken house might have sparked its magic), still has a long way to go & we are fully delighted to be there! Apart from some sentimental scenes, the overall episode has served us with u contra laughter & we wish for that to continue!


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Is iCarly season 4 renewed or canceled?

Before we dive further, let’s take a moment to thank Dan Scheider for creating such a wonderful series, especially for re-launching it & letting us get in touch with our childhood show! So now, getting back at the main topic, the fourth installment isn’t impossible to happen. But with the external circumstances working not so in favor of the series, fandom is right to have doubts. iCarly Season 4 renewal is still pending, but we gotta wait until the third installment airs its season final on July 27.

iCarly season 4: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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The show has always been successful, and it’s a fact now. I think the creators won’t repeat the history of dropping the show unannounced. The writer’s strike will have an impact which might result in delayed release, but our bet is iCarly Season 4 might get back. Paramount+ seems to be in the process of merging with Showtime, which means some series might be dropped on between. Most probably, the series which aren’t fruitful will meet that faith, so we shouldn’t be so fearful for iCarly. The second reason behind the fourth season not happening is the extended writers’ strike which has caused more damage than anything.


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If the strike continues to happen, the show will be at risk. Without writers, several series are already suffering & numerous Tv Production houses have lost some valuable assets. If we keep these issues aside, the iCarly cast has already cleared their intentions to return for the fourth season. Nathan Kress, who plays Freddie  in  an interview with J-14, has expressed,” I don’t think people will be happy if this was the end of the show.” Saying the third season isn’t the series finale we want. Om that Laci Mosley, who plays Harper, said, “You’re gonna want season four. more than you’ve wanted anything.”

When can we expect iCarly Season 3 Episode 8 to release?

Since we have debated both sides of iCarly Season 4 happening, let’s focus on the present & talk about the upcoming episode of the third season. We can expect iCarly Season 3 Episode 8 to release on July 13, 2023, i.e., Thursday. So keep updated with your subscriptions to Paramount+ to enjoy the upcoming episode. The upcoming episode is titled, ‘iCause A Cat-Astrophe’

iCarly season 4: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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In this, we can expect Spencer to receive an opportunity to build an art piece for the Seattle Cat Museum while Freddie is determined to overcome his childhood fear. Any guesses what it could be? Comment down your answers & let’s see who got it correct!