The Company You Keep: Is it on Netflix?

The Company You Keep
Credits: ABC

“Can you be in Love with someone you’re lying to?”

The latest release of the first episode of The Company You Keep has our toes curled and our mouths hung open. On February 19, the fans haven’t stopped buzzing about the return of Milo Ventimiglia on the screen and a classic Pilot of its new series. Just like him, Catherine Haena Kim has excelled in her lead role. With the growing popularity, fans are buzzing several questions at once. Most of these questions are directed toward where they can watch the series or if The Company You Keep is on Netflix.

the company you keep

Before we explore further, let’s gather the details available on the surface. The Company You Keep is an American drama criminal and cop TV series, courtesy of Julia Cohen. However, the show is founded on a South Korean Drama,’ My Fellow Citizens!’ Of course, with modifications to the original show, The Company You Keep is a different and more compelling tv show, so keep waiting until the second episode is airing on February 26. 

The Company You Keep: Is it on Netflix?

Since the increasing popularity of the show; half of its reason is the return of Milo & the other half is because of how steamy the pilot was. While Fans are enquiring, ‘is it available on Netflix, or not?’ If you want to Watch ‘The Company You Keep’, subscribe to the ABC tv network. However, if you have failed to watch the first episode, you can go to the official site of ABC and enjoy the pilot episode of The Company You Keep.

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You can catch up with the second episode of The Company You Keep Season 1 on February 26, at 10:00 PM ET. You can also rewatch the first episode on Hulu. 

The Company You Keep Trailer and plot expectations:

The basic highlight of The Company You Keep is when con man, Charlie Nicolette gets romantically involved with Emma Hill, the CIA Agent. Two heartbroken people drownings their sorrows in the bar while bonding over the lost time. The Company You Keep series involves’ epic action or thriller but also a forbidden love that keeps growing, while they keep bumping into each other. If the other way around, the criminal and CIA Agent is supposed to cross paths at some point in time, unlike how Charlie and Emma did.

In the Trailer, we saw how perfectly Charlie robbed the Irish Gangster, Patrick Maguire by turning his family into fake FBI Agents. However, the brain behind the operation is Daphne Finch. After the operation’s success Tina, Charlie’s fiancé, stole $ 10 million from them. On the other side, Emma catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Both of them end up at the same bar and hit it off.

With the ingrowing passion and the dizziness from alcohol, they tell each other their profession but laugh it off later. In the series, we’ll see the chemistry of Charlie and Emma, a.k. Mila Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim on screen. Will Charlie get over her, or are both of their flings is going to deceive them into falling in love? To know what’ll happen next. Keep watching The Company You Keep on Hulu or ABC.