Is Your Honor Season 3 happening?

Is Your Honor Season 3 Happening or not?
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“You killed Kofi. You beat my brother to death for no fucking reason. Then your daddy blew my mama’s house up. Killed my whole family. What did we ever do to you, huh? And after all of this… you are trying to fucking kill me?!”

The dark crime American Television series, Your Honor is based on an Israeli TV series, Kvodo. The series revolves around a respected judge, Michael Desiato, whose son is involved in a hit-and-run accident that leads to a high-stakes game of deception, lies, and impossible choices.

Thanks to Peter Moffat for creating a show which explores the themes of morality, justice, and the lengths people are willing to go to protect their loved ones. We have been gifted with two seasons of the series & it won’t be regular if the fandom didn’t ask for more! Fandom never leaves behind asking the most important question, “ Is Your Honor Season 3 happening or not?” So here we are providing an answer to that query.

Is Your Honor Season 3 happening or not?

Here we are to answer the most asked question, ” Is Your Honor Season 3 happening or not?” From what we know, Showtime is interested in creating the third season however, no renewal news hasn’t aired yet! The first season got announced by CBS Studios in August 2017, but due to COVID- 19 the production for the series was put on hold it finally premiered on December 6, 2020.

Next, the series got renewed for the second season on August 24, 2021, & it premiered on January 15, 2023. On July 5, 2022, it was reported that Cranston said the second season will be its final season on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. Although, Showtime is having second thoughts after watching the popularity of the series. 

Is Your Honor Season 3 Happening or not?
Credits: Instagram

Cranston said. “There is some discussion. Showtime has indicated there is interest & we’re very proud to know that every episode in Season 2 increased in the audience from the previous week. If it happens, fantastic, but it’d have to be some great reason to keep expanding in this world and to find out where the allegiances are. I’d be very interested in producing that. I don’t know about being in it because my guy’s back in prison.”

He further added if Season 3 truly explored a father grieving the loss of his son. Although what we hear from the creator of the show, Cranston,” “I am preparing for the second and last season of Your Honor, which is a limited series that I did for Showtime,” Cranston said, per TV Line. “As they tell me, it got higher ratings than any other series they’ve ever had — and so, one more season of that.” Regardless of what he said in an old interview, we’ll focus on the latest one. We are aware Showtime is interested in expanding the series, thanks to the main lead’s recent interview. 

Your Honor Season 2 Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

In the first season of Your Honor, we witnessed Adam (son of Michael) get involved in a hit-and-run accident that left the son of a mob kingpin dead. Trying to protect his son, but in the end, Adam died. In the second season, we saw Michael’s, lies and secrets catch up to him when he finally gets out of prison. Michael is hell bend on revenging his son. In the second season, he is taken out of prison to help the government bring down the Baxter crime family. As the season progresses, Michael learns the truth about his wife’s death, gets closer to Fia and his grandson, Rocco and works to set himself free from the lies that have held him down for so long.

The series has held us on the edge of our seats while we wait for the Your Honor Season 3 renewal announcement. So just like mentioned above, answer your question, “Is Your Honor Season 3 happening or not?“, it’s 50-50 if it gets renewed or not, let’s hope for the best!