Joe Pickett Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Joe Pickett Season 3 Is it renewed or cancelled 1

“The land under our feet is one of the most valuable resources on this entire planet. Everyone is here to steal from it.”

These riots and gunfires have become a constant in Joe’s life. I mean, it was bound to happen since Joe Pickett is an adaptation of C.J. Box’s novel series. If you haven’t read the novels, folks, don’t worry. The TV series is a wonderful adaptation. Both seasons have given us a classic Neo-Western vibe, and Joe Pickett has become our new personality.

While he’s called a traitor for abandoning, he joined the police to protect his second home, the forest. The Grimms understood it. That’s why they helped Joe and Nate to bring Marissa back home. The end of the series gave us another shock, the returning character, April and Jeanie. What’s the background story between Jeanie and The Grimms? Most importantly, will Grimms get justice after losing Everything?

Joe Pickett Season 3 is going to reveal Everything. However, fans need to know if it has been renewed yet.

Is Joe Pickett Season 3 renewed or canceled?

Before we start digging further, let’s take a moment to thank John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle for directing the show and, of course, C. J. Box for writing the best-seller novel from which the series is adopted. Now let’s jump on the most asked question and answer it in our way!

Joe Pickett Season 3: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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Paramount+ hasn’t released any official announcement regarding the third installment, which simply means Joe Pickett Season 3 has neither been renewed nor canceled. The possibility of renewing is high, given the massive popularity of the series. We can’t possibly think that CJ Box’s 22-novel series will be wrapped up in just two seasons! It’s just a matter of time before the official announcement is made, and we’ll be busy writing down the most wild theories.

Joe Pickett Season 3: Is it renewed or cancelled
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Even the finale has left so many options or loose ends, which can easily become the main issue in the next season. With April and Jenna’s appearance and Grimms’ riot, the situation just keeps getting warmed up. Yellowstone National Park is his second home and he’ll do anything to protect it, especially after the little revelation by the Grimms. Joe is more than determined to serve his Game Warden duties. Another valid reason behind the delay of renewal could be that the second season’s finale was released on July 30, 2023. Paramount+ must be taking their time to renew, and we’ll be delighted to wait.

When can we expect Joe Pickett Season 3 to air?

Since we all are so confident about the renewal, let’s jump into the unpredictable future to predict a release date. Since the show has been in the making since March 2021 and finally aired its first episode on Spectrum Originals on December 6, 2021. The series have received all the praise and love. After the release of a whole season, fans were desperate to know about the second season. The renewal news of the second season arrived in February 2022, and the first episode aired on June 4, 2023.

Joe Pickett Season 3: Is it renewed or cancelled
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You can easily calculate the season almost took 15 months to air its first episode given the timing that the second season aired its finale on July 30, 2023. It’ll take approximately 2-3 months to get renewed and 14-15 months to Air Joe Pickett Season 3  first episode. It would have been possible for us to receive the third installment in 2024; however, with the given circumstances, we have to expect 2025 to fulfill our wish. The writers’ and actors’ strikes have been the main focus of the production houses resulting in an unwanted delay of our favorite series release.

Joe Pickett Season 2 Trailer

The dark clouds loom on the renewal if the show’s finale doesn’t do well. That has been a rare case, so we know Joe Pickett Season 3 is among the lucky ones which haven’t got canceled yet. Until further details, allow us to keep you all updated with the latest news.