Mayfair Witches Episode 7 ending explained: Trapped and tied

Mayfair Witches Episode 7 ending explained.

“Beginning to see the world, behind the world.”

Horror, powers, and supernatural are the exact words to describe Mayfair Witches, a spin-off of a popular novel series,” Lives of the Mayfair Witches” by Anne Rice. The new witches’ American drama has marked its mark in the supernatural world. The neurosurgeon discovering something darker and more powerful within her had changed Rowan’s life. In her journey from building her life, she discovered her true calling. She has finally found her true purpose.

However, it can’t be that easy right? Something unpredictable hides under the shadows while Rowan has darkness within her. Is that the darkness we saw in the latest episode? Let’s try to understand ‘what happened in Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7 ending?’. 

Mayfair Witches Episode 7 ending explained:

A lot has happened in Dr. Rowan’s life. Her adopted mother is on the verge of dying from cancer when Rowan tries to get her medical attention with the help of her chief surgeon. He refuses to help, making Rowan furious that’s when she learns about her new powers after she compels her chief surgeon to collapse. All of this happened in the first episode. We wanted to give you a little heads-up before we jump into the latest episode. 

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In Mayfair Witches episode 7, Rowan discovers the most unpredictable thing, she’s pregnant. Shocking as always, Rowan learned about her pregnancy through a vision she got. However, the more shocking news is she doesn’t know if the child’s father is Ciprien or Lasher. We bet our money on Lasher for that because of his spiked interest in Rowan. On the other hand, Tessa doesn’t look so good in that cage. Due to her weak powers, she isn’t able to get out. Although she did try charming Keith with her spell, he snaps out of it at the last second.

Mayfair Witches Episode 7 ending explained.

Alica being a careless mother announces Tessa is missing, probably at a friend’s house. Although Rowan’s mind rings alert begs. She alerts the Mayfield Witches & they summon a Scry to find Tessa. Unable to find her due to blood knots, Tessa gives her blood knowing wherever Tessa is held, Deirdre’s heart is too. Her prediction is correct the witches go to the group to bring Tessa back. On the other side, Ciprien is trapped in the Scotland memories and needs a necklace to escape. Lasher had some colorful words to say to Ciprien to which he responded he had nothing to do with Rowan.

When Ciprien wakes up in the real world after drinking the poison, he’s not doing so well. When he tells Albrecht about his worry for Rowan, he dismisses him which makes Ciprien suspicious. Later he learns that Albrecht and Cortland are on Lasher’s side. Meanwhile, Tessa is on the verge of being burned alive by the Mayfair witch hunters. Rowan tries to save the day by going on the killing spare using her mind powers, she tries to untie Tessa, but she’s shot.

Mayfair Witches Episode 7 ending explained.

Tessa gives back the necklace to Rowan when she frees her but is shot in the neck by Keith. He panics and runs away while in shock Rowan holds Tessa’s dying body until her last breath. Filled with rage, Rowan summons Lasher to get her vengeance. In Mayfair Witches episode 8 i.e, the finale of the season. We will see Lasher free in the real world with Rowan on his side. Drastic turns of events!