Is Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3 renewed?

Is Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3 renewed?
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Guess y’all must not pray to God up in here because if you mοthеrf***еr did, y’all would not be staring at the devil.”

He doesn’t break the rule, only bends them according to his requirements. The Mayor, Mike McLusky, belongs to a powerful family of power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. Mayor of Kingstown is an American Crime thriller series, Mayor Of Kingstown. Thanks to Taylor Sheridan and Hung Dillon for creating such a remarkable series. Since the final of the second season is yet to air. Fans are already buzzing about Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3!

The consequences of the riot have shaken up his hold on his family business. The McLusky family is in trouble, while Mike is trying to keep the hold strong. How long will it take until trouble finds him again? Inside the intriguing World of the Mayor Of Kingstown, the must-watch show! Let’s wander into the world to know, more about Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3!

Is Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 renewed?

Since the show got renewed for Season 2 in February 2022, while season 1 ended on January 9, 2022. The series got renewed a month later. While Season 2 is still streaming on Paramount+. The announcement of the Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3, renewal hasn’t been made yet. Paramount+ has not made any statement about the series’ future beyond the current second season. Hopefully, the news will get out after the release of Season 2 Episode 10 i.e, on March 19, 2023. Though, aren’t we forgetting something?


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Jermy Renner is well known for his role as Hawkeye in Marvel cinema. He is playing the leading character Mike McLusky, the Mayor, after the death of his older brother, Mitch. He got into a car accident recently in which he suffered blunt chest trauma & more than 30 broken bones! Thankfully he is alive and recovering speedily now. Still, without the main lead’s healthy state, how’ll the producer will move with the season 3 renewal?

What happening in Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2?

After the prison riot in Season 1, everyone is on high alert. In season 2, we have seen some characters letting themselves be directed by their darkest instincts & that is when issues with police brutal behavior are ascending. Mike is the only one who can set up a system that will prevent from riots or police brutality happening again, but when people are on the verge of breaking point, then how’ll things come under control? 

One more crisis arose after the riot, Bunny’s drug business downfall. Mike is forced to handle both the angry prisoners & Kingstown’s authority at the same time. Do you think that is all? You are not correct, considering Mike is trying his best to protect traumatized Iris from Milo. Their plan to leave everything behind and move out of the town seems impossible, considering Milo is after Iris again.

How will Mike handle everything at the same time? At the end of the latest episode, we watch Mike meet Milo, but no one knows about his whereabouts. Things just took an ugly turn. Let’s wait till March 12 for Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 9 to know more!