Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
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 “A land that is cut through with locks and rivers and valleys and mountains that altogether weave like some kind of tartan kilt.”

We gotta agree, it was fun watching Sam Heughan & Graham Mc Travish on the roads of Scotland, commentary all the way while visiting the famous tourist points! As much as their bickering was fun, the history lessons were helpful too! They tell us tales about Food & Drinks, Songs & Dances. Learning the traditions of it while keeping up with the witchcraft and superstitions famous among Scottish people was a whole new experience. It felt like we got an in-depth tour of Scotland without even stepping foot on the land.

As fun as it was, both the actors disclosed their time in Scotland while shooting for Outlander. Graham also described the road trip as a story of two men who know nothing but discover a lot by the final roll. We saw them going in-depth about the Battle of Culloden to find out how brutal it was. If you haven’t watched the final yet, let’s say it’s more brutal than my inner demon. Now Men in Kilts Season 2 is coming back & we gotta pack our backs for it! Let’s see where we are headed. 

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
Credits: Instagram

What do we know so far about Men in Kilts Season 2?

Since we are already on the topic, can we take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of the series? Men in Kilts: A Road Trip with Sam & Graham is an American documentary series in which they travel across Scotland & go into the depths of history. Now that we are aware, fans have doubts about its release date. Keeping a hold on our curiosity, we are pleased to inform you that Men in Kilts Season 2 is ready to air on August 11, 2023! Yass, aren’t you ready for it?  


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McTavish previously told T&C, “There are many, many, many more stories to tell in Scotland. We’ve barely scratched the surface there. And that’s not even including the wider Scottish influence that went out into the rest of the world, like in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and even places like India and Brazil. Even France, which has such a traditional connection… I think hopefully, this is just the beginning.” 

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
Credits: Instagram

Well, isn’t this exciting? Men in Kilts Season 2 Episode 1 is ready to take off on August 11, titled ‘Adrenaline Country’. But fans want to know more than that! As we know, the second episode is set to release on August 18. Every Tuesday, it’s gonna be Sam & Graham’s road-trip day only on STARZ. But this time we aren’t in Scotland, we gotta pack winter clothes because we are going to New Zealand! Have you watched the trailer yet? 

In the trailer, we saw Sam & Graham is not living in New Zealand & Sam’s thriving in experiencing extreme sports, while Graham is still disturbed about sharing his confined space with him. Graham said he came here for the Hobbits & we understood the fanboy in him. At the end of the trailer, we also saw them getting dressed as hobbits, so that’s going to be interesting! On the other hand, Sam continues,” People in New Zealand seem to be into extreme sports, extreme everything.” While Sam seems to be enjoying those extreme sports, Graham is questioning why he even agreed to this (its fun to watch)

From wine tasting to Graham correcting Sam’s general knowledge, we are so psyched about it! McTavish himself took to social media to celebrate the teaser. “Just when you thought it was safe to get back in a camper van with Sam Heughan, it’s time to go down under with us. Men in Kilts Season 2 is crashing into your living room beginning August 11. Now that we are aware of what we are gonna get this August. So let’s clear our schedule for them!