5 New shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

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” It’s time to Netflix & chill”

The growing popularity of Netflix has resulted in various new shows & movie releases on daily basis. However, we need to find the ones we like from the ocean of content. Netflix has a reputation, although we have certain tastes too. Some might like rom-com, so others might like thrillers, if some like horror so others might like action.

Everyone has different genre preferences & Netflix plays an important role in creating a bridge between its subscribers and its preferred series. So today here’s the list of the Top 5 new shows to watch on Netflix this weekend!

The Upshaws Season 3 (February 16):

The famous African-American comedy TV series is back with its third season! A lot has happened in The Upshaws household before they bid us see you soon with a heart attack. When an unannounced young girl claims to be Bennie’s daughter.

Top 5 news shows to watch on Netflix this weekend!

Chaos will break through, although it’s guaranteed to make us laugh. The Upshaws Season 3 has released on February 16, so it’s perfect to continue your weekend with laughter.

Unlocked (February 17):

Most South Korean dramas are famous for their epic rom-com shows or movies. What’ll happen when the image of K-dramas as soft and romantic changes into a psycho thriller? Unlocked is the remedy we need from all the sweetness.

Unlocked | Official Trailer | Netflix

A normal girl loses her phone and someone else gets his hand on all of her secrets. Nothing about this drama is romantic, if you want goosebumps, this is the show for you all! One of the Top 5 news shows to watch on Netflix this weekend! Subscribe to Netflix or renew your account to enjoy the adrenaline rush after watching this show. 

A Girl and an Astronaut (February 17):

Are any mystery lovers in the house? An astronaut, Nikodem Borowski returns to earth after being lost in space for around 30 years. Although one disturbingly amazing thing is, he hasn’t aged a single day! Niko’s time clock stopped after he disappeared from the earth 30 years ago, while his beloved Marta has aged with time.


Determined to rekindle the spark between them, Niko keeps persuasion, Marta. Although the other focal point of A Girl and an Astronaut is to discover the mystery of not being aged at all. Will Niko be able to rekindle his dead relationship, or Marta have moved on within these 30 years with someone else? 

Aggretsuko Season 5 Netflix Original (February 16):

Nothing beats better than an animated show! A 25 years old anthropomorphic red panda, Retsuko is tired from her daily job routine. To let some steam off she sings her heart out daily at a Karaoke bar. The wonderfully miserable single Retsuko believes that the only way she’ll find happiness is by getting married and raising a family.

Top 5 news shows to watch on Netflix this weekend!

However, her social anxiety says otherwise. The Season 5 of Aggretsuko is one of the Top 5 news shows to watch on Netflix this weekend! 

Community Squad Season 1 (February 17):

The new Argentinian crime action comedy is something with a unique genre. Community Squad is filled with superb comic timing & lots of inexperienced people trying to fill in the police inadequacy. The show released its episodes on February 17 and the rating of the show has reached 97% likes.

Top 5 news shows to watch on Netflix this weekend!

Stop wasting your time scrolling and watch a ragtag civilian patrol squad who are trying to improve the image of the police by & assisting with local issues. However, they get tied into classified drug trafficking operations & welcome unexpected danger with open arms.