Not Dead Yet Season 2: Is it renewed yet?

Not Dead Yet Season 2: Is it renewed yet?

“Wow! $14 bucks for a cocktail. You know, back in the day, we used to make LSD in the bathtub & give it away for free! I miss the 90’s.”

Who would have thought Philip turns out to be that much of a controlling freak? He wanted Sam to drop the life she created and move to London with him…again! Thankfully Sam was smart this time, or should we thank Edward for giving her the advice? Surely, Edward & Sam’s friendship has grown throughout the first seasons. Let’s not forget Sam’s powers are back again! It seems Sam’s ability to talk to the dead, especially about whom she’s going to write, has boosted her development. With the help of their spiritual friends, she continues to expand her orbit & focus on others too.

As much as we adored to first season’s ending, we are curious to learn what might happen in Not Dead Yet Season 2. We do know Sam broke up with him, although she also told him about his ability & his response was total garbage, he still knows! 

Not Dead Yet Season 2: Is it renewed yet?

Is Not Dead Yet Season 2 renewed?

The British author Alexandra Potter’s, novel is the inspiration behind the Not Dead Yet series. His novel is Confession of a Forty-Something Fuck Up, which came out on November 30, 2020. After gaining immense popularity, the novel got chosen by ABC, for creating a new television series. The well-known American sitcom is creating lots of noise on the net & everyone is eager to know will the second season be renewed or not. Given the popularity & rating of the show, the show is likely to get renewed. Our prediction came true on May 16, 2023, when ABC renewed Not Dead Yet Season 2! 


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According to Deadline, “Not Dead Yet is very much alive. ABC has renewed the hit workplace comedy series starring Gina Rodriguez for a second season. The news got announced Tuesday ahead of Disney/ABC’s upfront presentation in New York.”

Apart from the Deadline announcement, the official Instagram page announced the renewal of the second season, on which fans were more than excited! A lot we can read several comments regarding Dennis. You all are begging to bring back the character who got Nell the job in the first place! Well, his character is refreshing & the long-time friend we need! Hopefully, the creators will put their audience request first & we’ll get more Dennis in the second installment.

What do we know about the Not Dead Yet Season 2 so far?

That’s a tough question since the second-season renewal news just came out. Although what we can do is, provide the much-needed prediction! We might not know when the second season will release regardless, we are free to make our assumptions. As we are aware that the first episode of the series came out on February 8, 2023, and continuing to release its thirteen episodes, the season’s finale aired on May 3, 2023.

Since it took exactly one year to release its first episode after announcing the series i.e. May 13, 2022. We can expect David Windsor & Casey Johnson to return with Not Dead Yet Season 2 in early 2024. What we do know is the main cast will be returning in the second season, which includes the list: 

Not Dead Yet Season 2: Is it renewed yet?

  • Penelope Serrano (Nell), played by Gina Rodriguez, is well known for her role in Jane the Virgin. 
  • Sam, is played by Hanna Simone, who is known for her role as Cece in the New Girls series. 
  • Lexi, played by Lauren Ash, is known for her role as Dina in Superstore series. 
  • Edward, played by Rick Glassman, is an American actor & Comedian. 
  • Cricket, played by Angela E. Gibbs, is known for her role in Block, SWAT, Hacks, etc. 
  • Dennis, played by Josh Banday, is known for his appearance as Ivan on Amazon’s upload, Big Bang Theory & Adam Ruins Everything. 

We aren’t 100 % sure about Dennis’s reappearance, we do believe his return in Not Dead Yet Season 2! Until we get more information, let’s keep the discussion going in the comment section.