Obsession Season 2: Will there be another season?

Obsession Season 2 When can we expect its comeback 1

“I feel this overwhelming need to be around her all the time.”

William’s obsession with his Son’s fiancee took a dangerous turn & the heat was felt outside the screen. So what happened? In the trailer, it was clear Anna initiated it while William went ahead without thinking about his son or his family. At the start of the series, we met the happy family until William met Anna at an event. The spark was there even at the family dinner when William & Anna were both near the sink. Nothing happened until Anna invited William to the apartment, basically for a hook-up.

After their not-so-casual meeting, Anna disclosed her diary & her secrets to him while William’s obsession just grew. Even after getting the threatening messages or even after losing Jay forever, William’s obsession never got lost. While Anna went on the guilt trip after Jay’s tragic death and pushed William away, Anna begged Peggy to get her out when Anna’s mother warned William to stay away from her. In the end, their affair broke the whole family while Anna was seen visiting a therapist at last. There were several loosened that might have a chance to be tied in Obsession Season 2.

Obsession Season 2: When can we expect it's comeback?
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When can we expect an Obsession season 2 comeback?

While we can agree the story doesn’t seem to be over between William & Anna, some also believe the therapist we saw at the end might be the new love affair for her. Although fans are free to create theories as it suits them, on the other hand, we are bound to deliver facts only. In light of that, we all should solely focus on the Obsession Netflix show titled Limited series! In simple terms, limited series are often used when creators have no intention of continuing it after a few episodes. Even the first season contained only four episodes of 30-45 minutes each.

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The synopsis under the Obsession season 1 trailer reads,” An intense affair between a talented surgeon & his son’s fiancee spirals into a dangerous, all-consuming obsession, with devastating consequences for the whole family. A tense, erotic thriller starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma & Rish Shah. Brand new limited series streaming from April 13, only on Netflix.”

After watching the series, we surely understand what devastating consequences they are talking about! Although we aren’t here to break down each sentence and find the true meaning behind it. The synopsis is written to indicate that in the official term, limited series are written behind the title. The finale might have ended on a cliffhanger, due to which hope for its viewers did increase, but one shouldn’t be ignorant regarding the facts. The series is based on a Damage novel written by Josephine Hart. Both follow the same storyline. However, the scenes described in the novels are a little too much to be broadcast on screen.

Obsession Season 2: When can we expect it's comeback?

Just like Lloyd Malcolm said, “The book is so particular about the kind of sex they’re having and the way they do it and how that feeds into their relationship.” She added that “it has to be quite a vanilla version of kink because it’s mainstream TV,” but it “was really important to me to not be saying anything like: ‘BDSM sex is bad sex.” After much discussion and pointing out almost all the facts except its viewership.

Obsession Season 2: When can we expect it's comeback?

For Obsession Season 2 to happen, the series needs to have a remarkable rating & viewership. However, the creators might not take much interest in its comeback, considering the first season ratings. The show has gotten a 5.1/10 IMDb rating while 27% from Rotten Tomatoes. The audience might have liked the series, but not enough to make it an outstanding one. So, we can conclude by saying the possibility of Obsession Season 2 is less than 50%. However, if one tends to be positive, don’t lose hope!