Perfect Match Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Perfect Match Season 2: Is this going to happen?

“There’s ten of us and we all couple up, but you’re fighting for a spot in the house.”

One of the exotic reality shows, Perfect Match, is a modern way of dating, in which a group of single Netflix alumni arrives in a tropical villa where they attempt to match with the couples. Spicy and full of drama, this television series is created by Chris Coelen with production help from Kinetic Content.

The series has indeed changed our perspective of relationships and complexity while we got addicted to the contestants from the first episode. After successfully pondering the first season, fans are all set to welcome the next instalment with open arms. For their piece of mind, we here bring down all the information you need regarding Perfect Match Season 2. So keep scrolling to learn the answer to the most asked question,” Is the Perfect Match Season 2 happening?”

Is the Perfect Match Season 2 happening?

If you all would have asked me this question before, I’m pretty sure I would have died out of the embarrassment. However, lucky me, as a fan, I bring you all fellows good news. Perfect Match Season 2 has gotten renewed!! After Perfect Match season 1 was a success for the streaming platform, bringing together various stars from several of the streaming service’s reality shows, the platform renewed the show for another season. Now, the next popular question is, ‘Who will be in the second season cast?’ Since the renewal news came a few hours ago, the cast hasn’t been selected.

What we do is, who’s not gonna be in the Perfect Match Season 2? The first season cast, especially the committed ones, aren’t gonna be joining just in the next season. With Perfect Match returning for another season, Netflix will have the prime opportunity to introduce some brand-new singles to the competition. Perfect Match season 2 will likely consist of stars from other Netflix reality shows. The cast from the first season mostly consisted of stars from Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, The Mole, The Ultimatum and Sexy Beasts. 

Perfect Match Season 2: Is this going to happen?

Although those members who weren’t able to get coupled in this season, we’ll be seeing them in the upcoming season. Another most-asked question is, “What is the release date of Perfect Match Season 2?” Once again, the renewal announcement got aired a few hours ago. So there is no update on the release date or trailer for the second season. However, if we are supposed to make any predictions, we believe Perfect Match Season 2 might air in early 2024. Our predictions came after learning the filming for the first season began in March 2022 while the sired got aired on February 14, 2023. 


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The reality shows, there’s a chance we could see the production on Perfect Match season 2 get going soon with a release date of sometime in the fall or winter of 2023. Accordingly wait is quite long for us. However, we hope you all can find happiness knowing that our solo host Nick Lachey will return for the second season. Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, are getting dragged for their hosting skills on Love Is Blind. Nick will return as the host for Perfect Match season 2. Nick hosted the Perfect Match season 1, and the carefree ease he hosted the show was notable throughout the season. 

Perfect Match Season 2: Is this going to happen?

The series has racked up over 24 million hours watched in its first week and 39 million in its second. According to Netflix, the show has spent five weeks on its Global Top 10 English TV list, reaching the Top 10 Tv lists in 58 countries. By the looks of it, we can guess how much popular will be Perfect Match Season 2. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming season in the comment section below.