SEAL Team Season 7: What we know so far

SEAL Team Season 7: What we know so far?
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“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

After the tragic ending in season 6, fans are dying to watch what happens next! While we know Jason has done a brave thing, we still mourn the loss of one of our favorite team members. SEAL Team is an American Military action drama created by Benjamin Cavell. Thanks, CBS Studios we have watched the elite unit of United States Navy SEALs as a Bravo team. After the last episode got out on November 20, 2022, the fans are waiting for a miracle to appear in SEAL Team Season 7. 

SEAL Team Season 7: What we know so far?
Credits: Instagram

Since September 27, 2017, SEAL Team has been living in our heart rent-free. The first four seasons premiered on CBS, while from the fifth season, the series shifted to Paramount+ So it’s obvious SEAL Team Season 7 will premiere on Paramount+ but when? In this article, you’ll get every crumb of information regarding the seventh installment of SEAL Team. 

SEAL Team Season 7 renewal and release date:

After the dramatic end of the sixth season, SEAL Team is renewed for the seventh season in January 2023 by Paramount+. The official announcement was made on Twitter on January 19, 2023. Although Paramount+ renewed the next season on January 18, the last episode aired on November 20, 2022, completing 104 episodes of the SEAL Team series. Each episode’s streaming time is 43-50 minutes. It’s safe to say the next season will also contain the same running time. 

After the announcement, Tanya Giles, chief programming officer of Paramount Streaming said,” We look forward to bringing SEAL Team fans even more of the series’ poignant storylines and thrilling missions with the upcoming seventh season. The series continues to evolve and grow its audience. It is a great example of the type of Programming that we see resonate with our subscribers.” Hopefully, the shooting for the season will start soon & we’ll be able to watch the seventh season by the end of 2023. 

What to expect from SEAL Team Season 7?

The future of the Bravo team is on the edge while we wait for the seventh installment. All we know is that season 7 will contain 10 episodes. Unfortunately, the filming for those episodes hasn’t started yet. Before we begin listing the expectation we have from SEAL Team Season 7, there are going to be some spoilers from Season 6. Scroll at your own risk! 

In the sixth season, we saw ‘how Jason Hayes walked to the stage to receive Navy Cross and disclosed his TBI’. When it’s unacceptable to reveal their traumatic mental wounds, he’ll get punished for his action. Although, his team without SEALs supported his speech by disclosing their weaknesses. After the heartful moment, the actor Spencer Hudnut also spoke his heart regarding the moment.

“At the end of the day, if we get to make more SEALTeam, that’s fantastic. I feel like our fans who have made this trip over to Paramount+ with us deserve the opportunity to see these characters through their journeys,” he further added,” This is not the intended ending of the show. If at the end of the day, the brotherhood, the guys stepping up for Jason and showing that love and connection they share, is the last thing we do, I’ll be OK with it, but there’s a lot more story to tell and we’re hopeful that we get to do that.”


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In Season 7, we’ll see who’ll face the significant consequences as it’s clear it’s Jason, who started it. Spencer spoke on behalf of Jason that after Clay’s death, if he’s not allowed to operate for the first time, he’ll be comfortable with that idea. In the seventh season, we’ll see what happens to Ray’s retirement plans since his disclosure about PTS in support of Jason. Several things are going to happen in the next season & we’ll watch how the team is doing after losing their team member.