Severance Season 2: Will we get new updates in July?

Severance Season 2 Release Date Updates: When will it premiere on Apple TV+?
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“This Is The Life You’ve Been Given. And That’s Another Life & You Don’t Get That One. So Do Something With This.”

Would you have preferred if your work & personal life memories got separated? Would you work in an organization with no knowledge of the outer world, or would you like a life in which you do not know your professional life? As appealing as it sounds, after some time, this confusion ruins both of your life & the desperation to know your Outie self grows.

Just like what happened with Helly, Mark, & Irv. Innie Helly, in desperate need to know her Outie self tells the truth at the gala, revealing how they are treated as prisoners. Although, will the world believe her when her Outie is none other than the heir to Lumon’s throne?

On the other hand, Mark’s true identity doesn’t get revealed; same goes for Irv’s search for his Outie seems to be more twisted and has a hint of military life in his room. At the finale, we saw both Mark’s Innie & outie self when he was recording for the outside world, although was he successful? We will get to know that in Severance Season 2! 

Severance Season 2: Will we get new updates in July?
Credit: Apple TV+

Will Severance Season 2 come out in July?

The series may have won several awards & have been nominated for others, but it didn’t happen overnight. The show’s production story goes way back in time. It is rumored that Ben Stiller, when he first read the pilot, claimed the series is the longest thing he’s ever worked on. The statement was passed more than five years ago afterward, in November 2019, Apple TV+ accepted the series & the first episode finally aired on April 6, 2022. With one of the longest production histories, fans couldn’t have expected Severance Season 2 to release in 2023. 

As funny as it sounds, 2024 seems like a long shot too. Wanna know why? Remember the Hollywood Writers’ strike going on in the entertainment industry? Ya, that one. Severance Season 2 production had been put on hold on May 8, 2023, when the committed team joined the picket line in support of the ongoing 2023 Writers Strike. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem probable that production will start up again while the strike is still going on.

Severance Season 2: Will we get new updates in July?
Credit: Apple TV

So the main question remains the same: when can we expect a second season release? Our guess is Severance Season 2 by the end of 2024. If our estimate is written & the Writers’ strike gets resolved, we might get the release sooner than our anticipation. Until then, nothing can be said with 100% certainty. 

How good Severance Season 2 will be?

Before we jump right into the topic, let’s take a moment to thank Dan Erickson for creating such a marvelous show. With Apple TV+ backing up by providing an OTT platform, it’s for sure the series must have potential. Was it worth the risk? Absolutely Yes! The show has a 97% favorable rating with an 8.7/10 IMDb rating! To say the show is just okay would be an insult because the reviews the show has gotten are insane. Metacritic has been assigned an 83 score out of 100, giving it universal acclaim. Meanwhile, Carly Lane from Collider has graded A to the series. 


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Observing the reviews of the first season, what we can say about Severance Season 2 is that it’ll live up to the expectations of its viewers. Why do we think that? Despite Dan Erickson being a wonderful creator, Ben Stiller and Aoide McArdle are no newcomers. They are well-known Hollywood Directors, plus they have already raised our expectations, so it’ll be unfair if they fail to live up to the expectations of their audience. 

Since the plotline will also play a major role, let’s hope Severance Season 2 script will be enough to make it to the other series. Until that day comes, let’s hope for the best & allow us to keep you updated with the latest entertainment news.