Stranger Things Season 5: Will we get premiere date in March?

stranger things season 5

“You Speak of Monsters And Superheroes. That’s the stuff of Myth & Fairytales.”

Nerds are ready to assemble since the Hawkins got attacked. The divided club in season 4 has finally found its way back to each other. The fourth season has been of numerous ups and down, while the upside world is coming to the surface. Flowers are dying, colors are vanishing, & the clouds have changed into the color red. Typical code red in Hawkins while Eleven, Hopper, Mike, and others are ready to face the consequences. Fans are buzzing with several questions while developing theories in the meantime. In this article, we bring you every bit of info available for Stranger Things Season 5.

Will we get a premiere date in March?

While it’s difficult to predict the things related to the Upside Down world, one thing we know for sure is that it’s too early to ask for a premiere date for Stranger Things Season 5. While we may get to hear, or see, a new update or the other, related to Season 5, or maybe not, asking for a release date in March itself sounds impractical. Hence, it’s better to keep our hopes high and eyes ready to watch out for even the minute details related to the new season.


Is Stranger Things Season 5 script ready?

While we celebrated the renewal of Stranger Things Season 5 in February 2023. The sad news is, it’s going to be the finale season which automatically makes it more complex. How are The Duffer Brothers going to deliver us the unpredictable when fans are grilling their brains too? With the theories on the way, writers are teasing us with their tweets.

On August 25, 2022, Stranger Things writers tweeted the beginning of the script. Also, the grid reminds us of the ego’s grid similarities( Eleven will agree with us). After observing the grid, We know for sure that there are going to be eight episodes in the whole season. Although fans are already busy creating the craziest theories, writers are discussing how to give shock their audience.

In November 2022, another tweet is made by the stranger things writers. In this tweet, we saw a blurred photograph of the completed grid. However, it wasn’t clear. Even though it didn’t stop the audience, or we can say the fans stop making their assumptions. In the above picture, we can make out that there are multiple colors used, red while some are blue, and even green from the multi colors, we can guess that each color indicates a scene or a character. Red might be an eye-opener, while blue might be a safe scene.  

What to expect from the stranger things season 5 plot?

At the end of season 4, we saw how El defeated Vecna with the help of Mike, Will with his brother, and his friend. The group later reunited with the remaining group Dustin and others. All the way missed Max, when El tried to bring her back by getting inside her brain, she wasn’t there. We believe this Max was one of the sacrifices through which upside down dimension’s portal got opened. In the end, we also saw how hopper and others with El went outside in the open field while will felt not coming. We also witnessed how the flowers died and the clouds for turning red, We believe that the Upside Down world is open and Vecna isn’t dead.

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We might also be watching Eddie back, but as the Vecna’s right hand. Dustin or the other hellfire club might be able to bring Eddie back on their side. The first chapter of season 5 is named “the Crawl” thanks to the Instagram post shared by the official account shared on November 7, 2022. We also know that the filming for Stranger Things season 5 will begin in May 2023, thanks to Noah’s TikTok. We are guessing that the show’s new season will come in 2024.