Sweet Home Season 2: Predicted release date, cast, plot and more

Sweet Home Season 2
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“When Someone is sure about keeping a promise when it’s hardly possible, there’s a good chance that it’s a lie.”

The well-known South Korean apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home, is based on a webtoon of the same name written by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan. The series has been such a hit that two more seasons are on the way! However, we are here to learn about Sweet Home Season 2.

As we are familiar that the show is centered around Cha Hyun-soo, who moves into an apartment complex called Green Home. Due to a mysterious and deadly phenomenon, the residents get trapped inside. The show focuses on their survival skills and how they handle fighting their enemies. Season one ended with a shocking twist, which left the audience wondering what’ll happen next. All the questions will be answered in the upcoming season, fandom. 

Sweet Home Season 2 Predicted Release Date:

The series has received positive critics for its unique blend of horror and drama. While the fans have been eager to know the release date. Finally, the happy news is heard by the fans. In March 2022, Song Kang’s manager updated us that the second season is renewed. After eighteen months of waiting, the production for Sweet Home Season 2 finally began! With the buy one get one free offer, the announcement by Netflix revealed that not only the second season but also the third season is in production! 

Sweet Home Season 2: Predicted Launch Date, Cast, Storyline & more!
Credits: Instagram

Since Sweet Home Season 2 filming is finished and is set to release in 2023. We believe the series might be coming in mid-2023. No update has been made beside one of the main cast’s Instagram posts in which the filming wrapped up got hinted. Regardless the production was done by mid-February, and the series’ essence is in Graphic & CGI. The post-production for the second installment might take some time, heads up in advance. 

Sweet Home Season 2 Storyline:  

Below the announcement video is a vague description,” Die as a human or live as a monster. They’re taking the fight outside.” In this, we got one thing clearly the days of fighting inside the complex are over. The military took the rest of the survivors to the base camp while Cha Hyun-soo is struggling as a superpowered being. In the end, we also saw how he was been taken on the bus however, the bus driver wasn’t a soldier. He was Pyeon Sang-wook, whom we thought was dead. Lucky for us there is an official Sweet Home Season 2 synopsis that will be very helpful: 

Sweet Home Season 2: Predicted Launch Date, Cast, Storyline & more!
Credits: Instagram

“Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, and Park Gyu-young — the residents of Green Home who, in the previous season, delivered overwhelming tension as they risked their lives through bloody battles against their neighbors-turned-monsters — return in season 2 to offer thrills and tension of a whole new different kind. Joining the cast in the new season are actors Yoo Oh-Seon, Oh Jung-Se, Kim Mu-yeol, and Jin-young, portraying the various dimensions of human nature and desires as they find themselves at a crossroads for survival. Having opened new horizons for K-content with its diverse creatures designed and built with a global dream team, Sweet Home Season 2 is ready to mesmerize audiences around the world once again with its expanded world and story.”

Sweet Home Season 2 Cast:

In this, we also got to know that with the return of our main cast Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, Lee Si-young, Go Min-si, and Park Gyu-young. Some of the new cast members will also be joining Sweet Home Season 2, which includes :


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  • Yu- Oh-Seong as Sergeant Tak In-hwan 
  • Oh Jung-Se as Dr. Lim
  • Kim Mu-Yeol as Kim Young-hoo 
  • Jung Jin-young as Park Chan-young
  • Chae Won-bin as Ja-young

These are the cast members whose character is known, while the others like Kim Shin-rok, Yook Jun-Seo, and Kin Jung-Woo’s characters are yet to be disclosed. This is all we know for now about the upcoming season, let us know your thoughts regarding Sweet Home Season 2 in the comment section below.