The Afterparty Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

The Afterparty Season 3 Is it renewed yet

The Afterparty, which was first got titled as a mini-series, was gifted with a second season after the audience persuasion. You all might know this already, but are you aware that Miller, the creator, started working on this concept in 2010? The dedication this man showed towards The Afterparty is surely remarkable. He announced the series creation in June 2020, although for the past few years, they have been trying to build a storyline that was similar to the murder mystery.

Later when Miller attended his high school reunion, we all know what happened after that! The first season attracted an audience or viewership to the extent that the limited series title wasn’t there anymore. I think it all comes under the power of fans. That’s the way we say it, fans are powerful, and they have full rights!

The Afterparty Season 3: Is it renewed yet?

Now, fans are waiting for The Afterparty Season 3 even when the second season is currently airing. Well, who are we to get in between the curiosity of fandom? Let’s roll on and see what’s stored for us.

Is The Afterparty season 3 renewed yet?

Before we start digging further let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to Christopher Miller for creating the show. We all know he has put his heart and soul into this series. Later we should thank the main cast who have given life to their characters. Last but not least, thanks to Apple TV+ for being its trusted networking partner. Now getting back to the main issue, The Afterparty Season 3!

The Afterparty Season 3: Is it renewed yet?

The thing is, the series hasn’t gotten renewed by the show yet since there’s no official announcement. However, the renewal news isn’t that simple to explain. According to Reddit, The Afterparty season 3 production has already started. Before you start typing questions in the comment section, here is out. The post contains a screenshot of Darlingkatie’s story, whose specifically written about the Day 1 of The Afterparty Season 3.

‘The Afterparty’ Season 3 is already in works, according to Script Coordinator/Chris Miller’s Sister
by u/elienai34 in tvPlus


For those who don’t know, darling Katie is Chris Miller’s sister’s Instagram I’d. The post was uploaded seven months ago, while the second season aired its first episode on July 12, 2023. As far as we know, officially, no announcements have been made by Apple TV+, so… believe what you want to; however, we know one thing for sure The Afterparty season 3 is gonna get renewed! The other possibility is just like Miller has been working on the series since 2010, although he announced it in 2020. Similarly, the production for the third season might be done in advance, while the official renewal announcement is given after the second season.

The Afterparty Season 3: Is it renewed yet?

Nothing can’t be said about The Afterparty season 3 release date, although we do know the cast has their ideas for the upcoming season. According to John Cho, who plays Ulysses shared with Town & Country, it’s an idea, “get together that’s high stakes, where new people are mixing, like a family reunion.” He added, “How about the renewal of vows in Hawaii? I’m trying to pull an Adam Sandler—get myself to Hawaii.”

Anna Konkle also shared her idea for the third season,” a surprise party would be funny. Or someone’s hundredth birthday. Where they’re 100, of course, they died. But then it gets fishy.”

The Afterparty Season 3: Is it renewed yet?

Nothing can’t be said about which idea would get adapted or which one would be overlooked. Maybe Miller has already set a unique theme for The Afterparty Season 3. We can’t be sure of anything, although we do know the main cast will return in the third season too. Those include:

  • Tiffany Haddish as Detective Danner
  • Sam Richardson as Aniq
  • Zoe Chao as Zoe
The Afterparty — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Let’s see when Apple TV+ will gift its audience with The Afterparty season 3 renewal announcement. Until then, let’s keep up with the second season, which was finally released on September 6, 2023. Apart from this, allow us to keep you all updated with the latest news!