The Chase Season 4: Is it renewed or not?

The Chase Season 4 Is it renewed or not 1

Come for the Triva, stay for the Chase” 

It is another reality show that has been imprinted in our souls. If you are also among us who are craving some reality show, The Chase is the series for you. It’s a quiz competition that invites several contestants to chase the cash bundle. All you gotta do is answer as many questions as you can without failure. The maximum correct answer means welcome to the next stage, while the not-so-many correct answers mean bie bie! The show has a standard that can easily be seen after watching an episode for a few minutes.


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If you have loved the show before reading this article, then this one is especially for you. We know there has been lots of confusion with The Chase titled series. However, we are talking about The Chase ABC—the revival show of the original series. The third season includes several strong contestants, and we can’t wait to discuss all about the format. Until then, let’s keep the hype up to analyze if The Chase Season 4 is renewed or not. So, let’s get ahead and discuss this further! Don’t forget to read til the end to be fully updated.

Is The Chase Season 4 renewed or not?

Before we start talking about the renewal status of the fourth season, let’s take a step back and appreciate the team behind the series who made it possible on ABC. If you aren’t aware, Danny Carvalho, Pete Flaherty, Chris Gepp, Elliot Johnston, Matt Pritchard, and Amanda Wilson are the names behind the creation of the show. Since we are feeling so grateful, let’s thank Hal Grant and Rich DiPirro for directing the series.

The Chase Season 4: Is it renewed or not?
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The thing is, the series is yet to be renewed. Yes, folks, you heard it right. The Chase Season 4 is yet to be renewed because ABC hasn’t given the green light yet. We know how much you all want to get the series green lot, especially the third season finale on the corner. We have also received several inquiries relating to the fans and how they are afraid that the series didn’t get renewed. If you are that afraid, you have to know about the popularity of the series!

The Chase Season 4: Is it renewed or not?

The Chase third season has gained over 2.29 million viewers while it has one of the highest-rated original programs in GSN’s history. However, the Chase we are talking about is the revival show that streams on the ABC network. Apart from the popularity, we all believe the show will be returning for the fourth installment. The biggest reason for ABC to bring this competition back for more is quite simple: It is perfect to fill in anywhere on their schedule.

If they are struggling for whatever reason to find a good show for a singular timeslot, they can plug this one in. It is not incredibly expensive when compared to a lot of scripted alternatives, and as we said, we do think that there is something to be said for having a stable of trivia stars. They are modern-day athletes of the mind that give you something different on TV. Hopefully, this clears the doubt of what-ifs.

The Chase Season 4: Is it renewed or not?

Now that we have moved ahead from the discussion on The Chase Season 4 Renewal status. We can drool about the fact that we have seen several powerful contestants; some of them are Jeopardy! Masters with other title holders. Can you imagine the type of tough competition between James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, Brandon Blackwell, Victoria Groce, Buzzy Cohen, and Sara Haines? Anything for thousands of dollars, especially when you have to use your brain and team spirit for the winners’ price!

Let’s see what are your opinion for the upcoming season in the comment section below!