The Clearing Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

The Clearing Season 2
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“Mother, your love binds us together as one family, one heart together we are united alone we are blighted.”

The bone-chilling series have given us another stroke that we aren’t ready for! If we say overall to the first season, The Clearing focuses on Freya & Adrienne, who belongs to The Cult. Freya was brought into the cult when she was a child. Her parents gave her up in hopes of a better society, although they soon realized their mistake. At an early age, she was a disciplined child & was known as Amy. After meeting Sara, the girl who was kidnapped & brought into The Cult, described her early life made Amy curious enough to make her run away from the cult.

Now, she might have changed her name legally to Freya, although Adrienne’s living style is still in her system. Even after Adrienne’s trial, she saved herself by faking Dementia. Even after falling in love and starting a family, she never fully overcome her past. Although, no matter how many times Adrienne tries to run at the end, she got caught & is ready for trial. Freya is back with her family, which seems like a happy ending, with more questions about The Clearing Season 2 renewal status.

The Clearing Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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Is The Clearing Season 2 renewed or canceled?

Before we begin to dig further, let’s take a moment to thank Elise McCredie & Matt Cameron for creating such a mind-blowing series. Although the series did get cut to a short, the plotline was more interesting when given in limited time. As we are aware, the series is based on In The Clearing, written by J.P. Pomare. In light of some disclosure here, let’s see if The Clearing Season 2 has been renewed or not. 

The Answer to that inquiry is no. The Clearing Season 2 hasn’t been renewed yet, but is there a possibility of its happening? The only hint Hulu or Disney+ have given is that, in most outlets, the series indicates it has been developed as a miniseries. ‘The Clearing’, which offers a fictionalized account of the real-life Australian cult The Family. In various interviews, the actors associated with the project also implied that the Australian show is a miniseries. As we are aware, there’s a slim possibility of a series getting renewed when it’s announced as a mini or limited show. 

The Clearing Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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If this hint isn’t enough, recall the finale, will you? Freya’s past is revealed & we can hardly see any loopholes. Sara’s mysterious death is not finally all out, revealing how Adrienne forced Freya (that time she used to go by Amy) to dunk Sara’s head in the water for misbehaving. Sara didn’t survive, and Amy got blamed for Adrienne’s action. Even when Amy, now an adult & mother of two, called Freya, is now reunited with her kids & Wayne. She even got to know who was her parents and Henrik helped to find Billy rather than kidnapping him. His real intention was to destroy the cult, and even so, he attempted suicide. It was only to lead the police to Sara’s buried body. 

The Clearing Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
Credits: Instagram

Since all is good now & fans have gotten the closure, do we want The Clearing Season 2 to happen? Fandom has answered through 86% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes & 6.1/10 on IMDb. If we look deeper into the reviews, we’ll see mixed responses. While others loved the thriller and suspense, others were worried due to its resemblance to real-life events. Some were too focused on appreciating the cast performances that they didn’t comment on the finale. What answer do we get from all of this? 

The Clearing | Official Trailer | Hulu

The fandom has enjoyed to series and will love to return for a second installment. Although with the happy ending & mini-series comment, we can’t be sure if The Clearing Season 2 renewal status will be green-lit. Until any updates arrive, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section & while doing that, juggle through other series news!