The Dragon Prince Season 5: What we know so far

The Dragon Prince Season 5: What we know so far!
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“I denied something undeniable, we all want peace & we all want love. But violence tests us.”

Apart from the changed hairstyle and aesthetics, the gap of two years has given us a different plot! Did you know the fourth season is the adaptation of Mystery of Aaravos, while the first three seasons were based on The Dragon Prince Saga? The long dispute between Elves and humans we witnessed in the first three seasons started to melt in the fourth season giving us hope for Callum and Rayla.

The power-hungry Viren’s plan to destroy Xadia resulted in him getting killed by Rayla. Although his death victory didn’t last long considering Daddy’s princess, Claudia resurrected him. After getting his staff, Viren has the map to free Aaravos. Since the fourth season’s focal point was to find the map, we believe The Dragon Prince Season 5 is going to be more dramatic and adventurous considering the return of Aaravos! Although, you guys aren’t informed more about the upcoming season, allow us to show you the light like Soren tried to show Claudia. Although, don’t be blind like Claudia’s judgment.


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When can we expect The Dragon Prince Season 5?

As we are familiar with the history of the show, still allow me to revive your memories. The Dragon Prince was first announced in July 2018 after which it got out on September 14, 2018. The success opened the doors for the second season giving us a new installment in October 2018, followed by a third season release on November 22, 2019 which gave us the perfect ending of the first three seasons plot.

Now in the fourth season, a new saga was picked that is Mystery of Aaravos. It followed the follow, Earth” which got released on November 3, 2022. After finishing the four seasons fans are eager for the fifth season. So, according to the reports, The Dragon Prince Season 5 is set to release in Summer 2023! 

As expected the show will continue from where it left off in the fourth season, the quest to free Aaravos. Since Viren is in full power mode now while Claudia remains brainwashed (hopefully Terry will be able to remove her blindfolds) Zym the king while Callum and Reyla are back together to stop the forces. A wild birdie said that The Dragon Prince creators, Aaron Ehasz & Justin Richmond wish to continue the series for seven seasons! If their wishes come true, it’ll be like a dream for us! 

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Voice Cast:

As we are aware, the series holds several subcategories of Elf, humans, dragons, and Animals, making our memory game more challenging. Elves are separated into six races: Moonshadow Elves, Skywing Elves, Earthblood Elves, Tidebound Elves & Startouch Elves. However, no matter how many spices there are, our main characters remain constant. That list includes: 

The Dragon Prince Season 5: What we know so far!
Credits: Instagram
  • Jack De Sena as Callum, the new High Mage of Katolis & Ezram’s older half-brother.
  •  Paula Burrows as Rayla, Callum’s love interest and Moonshadow Elf assassin.
  •  Sasha Rojen as Ezran, crowned King of Katolis 
  •  Jason Simpson as Viren, ex-High Mage of Katolis and puppet of Aaravos.
  • Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, Viren’s loyal daughter, and a talented dark mage.
  • Jesse Inocalla as Soren, Viren’s son, member of Katolian Crownguard.
  • Rena Anakweas Janai,
  • Adrian Petriw as Commander Gren,
  •  Benjamin Callins as Terry, a goofy Earthblood Elf, and Claudia’s boyfriend. 
  • Nicole Oliver as Queen Zubeia, and
  •  Erik Todd Dellums as Aaravos, an ancient Startouch Elf, master of all six sources of primal magic and dark magic. 
The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Trailer

As we progress further, we learn more about the upcoming season. Hopefully, the fifth season will be gifted to our waiting eyes super soon. Until then, we can find comfort in rewatching all the released seasons of the series while we secretly make theories for The Dragon Prince Season 5! Enjoy the fourth installment trailer & drop your favorite scene from the fourth season!