The Last of Us Season 2: Release date prediction, plot, recap and more

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“I struggle for a long time with surviving & no matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.”

Joel & Ellie’s journey is far from being over & we all know it, especially after the first season finale. If you haven’t watched it yet, now’s your time to watch the series first before finishing the article. In the end, we saw how Marlene and Firefly soldiers were ready to kill Ellie to extract the cure, although with Joel being on the side, it was an impossible task to even begin with! Joel escapes the prison and kills everyone while Ellie is in an unconscious state.

When Marlene tries to put some sense in Joel, he shoots her, ending the Fireflies’ leader. On the top, he lies to Ellie about what happened at the hospital. She’s not convinced that they failed to develop the cure since she believes it’s her destiny. While le Joel’s care has taken a dangerous turn, Ellie doesn’t want to think that the only person she trusts has taken away her destiny.

The real question is how long until the truth unfolds. We are sure it’s gonna happen in The Last of Us season 2!

The Last of Us Season 2: Expected release date, plotline, recap & more!
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When can we expect The Last of Us season 2 release?

Before we jump right on it, let’s take a moment to thank Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann for bringing life to the video game while we should also appreciate Naughty Dog for developing the game. While HBO gave a platform to the series, Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey gave life to their characters, making them last longer than usual.

Now the series has been renewed in January 2023, we all are waiting for The Last Of Us season 2 to take place! Since the renewal news came before the first season was even wrapped up. However, HBO is known for taking longer than necessary to release the installments.

The Last of Us Season 2: Expected release date, plotline, recap & more!

It was also announced in May 2023 that auditions for The Last of Us season two had been put on hold indefinitely amid the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike after actors had previously been asked to read scenes taken directly from the game The Last of Us season 2(via Variety). By this, we can conclude that there’s no way the second installment will come in 2023 or early 2024.

According to Pascal, The Last of Us season 2 will stay tuned to the game, “It wouldn’t make sense to follow the first game so faithfully only to stray severely from the path.”  which means a five-year gap is set to come, Ellie growing up and have reached 19th age. While they spent the last five years peacefully, the sudden appearance of a mysterious girl causes Joel & Tommy to run for her rescue.

However, the mysterious girl, Abby, isn’t that innocent, as she’s a part of a former Fireflies group. In the game, we also saw how The former Fireflies group, now Washington Liberation Front, has beaten Joel to death. As we can expect, Joel did kill the former Firefly leader & its soldiers.

The Last of Us Season 2: Expected release date, plotline, recap & more!

Although Ellie or Tommy don’t know that! If The Last of Us season 2 did follow the game plotline, it’ll be tough for us to say goodbye to Joel. Hopefully, the creators will find a solution and allow us to get more moments of father& daughter duo. Until then let’s just hope for the best! It’s also believed since the hospital incident, both of them might grow apart & Ellie will have a girlfriend in the second installment!

No matter what happens, it’ll be interesting and breathtaking, considering all the possibilities of what could happen! We all are excited about the second installment, so stay tuned to get the latest news!