The Most Hated Demon Slayer Characters, Ranked

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

“Brother, Your Dream Was to Become the Strongest Samurai in the Country, Right? I Want to Be Like You as Well. I Want to Become the Second Strongest Samurai in the Country.”

The anime world has started to stamp its mark on our lives. As much as we like to live in fantasy, anime keep teaching us some valuable life lessons too. Maybe that’s why some characters have become our spirit frictional characters while others aren’t so much. If we have to pick one show, Demon Slayer will be that one. Why? The fandom of that show has already gone wild with the climax & the plotline has made us cry several times.

Keeping aside its series popularity, the manga series from which it’s adopted has also played a major role in its success. Although no matter how many external factors we guess for its blockbuster popularity, the one internal factor that remains universal is its mind-blowing characters. Not because each character is well-loved but also because some characters are well-hated! So with the twist in the topic, we’ll discuss The Most Hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked. 

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

1) Muzan Kibutsuji:

It’s no secret that Muzan Kibutsuji comes at the top among the most hated Demon Slayer characters ranked. His black color hair with the hint of white might seem normal, like an aging man, but he’s older than 10,000 years! His callous nature is apparent in how he turns humans into Demons, & even his fellow Demons are disposable pawns in his quest for power. If that’s not enough, I hope you remember what he did to our favorite characters. His desire to keep experimenting on humans or demons to cheat death is one of the reasons why he never went face-to-face with Demon Slayer Crop. 

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

He’s also known as the King of Demons, who possesses seven hearts & five brains. He is known for being cold-hearted, dirty, greedy, vengeful, and arrogant, and his selfish mentality and inflated ego have deemed the Demon Slayer Corps as unnatural. Despite all the power, he’s no match to the sunlight & Nichirin Blades. By using his weakness against him, Demon Slayers were successful in killing him. 

2) Doma:

He might not be the upper-rank Demon, but the destruction he has done is more than them. Although, he did get the rank of upper two, just below Muzan. Like any demon his hate towards Humans is natural, but his dislike among fellow demons is unlike. His rare & beautiful eyes might fool you, but his blue long nails will give you the reality check. Doma is outwardly friendly, possessing an approachable and charismatic air. However, it is soon revealed that Doma has psychopathic tendencies.

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

I mean who’ll support someone who devours his cult followers & young women? While he might be named as one of the attractive demons ( this information is quite disturbing, too), his cold, murdering psycho personality gives away why he’s among The Most Hated Demon Slayer Characters, ranked.

3) Kaigaku:

He might hold the Upper rank of Six Demons, but we have to assure you his actions is the reason why he’s ranked third among the most hated characters. The unique thing about this is he was a demon slayer, but his encounter with Kokushibo made him do the cowardly thing, which was surrendering to a demon. Kaigaku’s actions( which will include his betrayal & backstabbing of Demon Slayer Crop.) prove that he has no honor or loyalty & he deserves nothing but contempt and disgust from the fans.

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

His will to kill all the orphans to save himself despite being an orphan showed us how selfish & backstabbing he could be. No wonder he is counted in the list of The Most Hated Demon Slayer Characters ranked. 

4) Enmu: 

You all remembered Enmu, Lower Rank One demon, right? Among Muzan & others, we can’t forget the demon, whom we started hating first. Enmu was cold, callous, and sadistic, openly stating that he enjoyed the pain and suffering of humans; his favorite method of torment was giving them a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare and taking pleasure in the agonized expressions they made as he tortured them.

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

As much as he loved watching humans react in plain, he also gave positive reactions when he suffered. After receiving Mizan’s blood, his powers grew & the happiness from the pain was more pleas able to him. 

5) Gyokko: 

Another Upper-rank demon, who came in our list of The Most Hated Demon Slayer Characters, ranked is Gyokko. With more than an age of 113 years, Gyokko is one of the most hideous-looking demons. He can turn himself into a molt, which is his true form. His talking nature might be one of the reasons why Muzan wasn’t a fan of his. However, Gyokko impaled an innocent kid, nearly killed another villager, and almost drowned Muichiro in one fight showing this guy has no limits when it comes to winning a battle! His shallow & arrogant personality is another reason why we hate this character so much. 

The most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

Apart from them, there are other characters too like Daki, Slasher, Gyutaro, Rui, Akaza & others who are also in our list of The Most Hated Demon Slayer character, ranked. However, these are the top five which get the most hate from the audience. Do comment below to let us know which character you hate most.