The Resident Season 7 Rumors: Is it canceled?

The Resident Season 7: Are to rumors true?
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“Listen I’ve treated people wounded in civil wars and children dying of AIDS. None of that scared me. So you don’t scare me. Now, speak to me with respect, Dawg.”

Nothing beats better than watching the battle of doctors in their professional and personal lives. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam, or The Good Doctor, are medical dramas exactly like The Resident. It is an American TV series created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi. Thanks to Fox, we are gifted with six seasons. However, fans are waiting for the next season to air amidst all the wild rumors going on regarding The Resident Season 7.

The Resident Season 7: Are to rumors true?
Credits: Instagram

Are the rumors true? At this moment we can’t say anything about the renewal since no one has given any statement. The Resident first aired on January 21, 2018, while the last episode got recently aired on January 17, 2023. In between these years, the show has completed six seasons with a total of 107 episodes. The main question is will the number of episodes increase or will that be the finale? Will we get The Resident Season 7 or it’s the end? 

Is The Resident season 7 canceled?

By the looks of how the sixth season ended with a happy ending, it’s hard to say anything about the upcoming season, if it’s even coming. The rumors have it that The Resident Season 7 is canceled, but no official notice about the renewal or cancellation yet. According to Deadline, the creator/showrunner David Schulner and Executive Producer Peter Horton conveyed their disappointment towards not having enough time to plan a hopeful ending for Ryan Eggold. 

The Resident Season 7: Are to rumors true?
Credits: Instagram

No official announcement by Fox has been made, but the little birdies are flying around with the rumors of cancellation. It’s better to prepare if any unwelcome news drops on us in the future. The Resident fans it’s going to be hard, although at least we saw our favorite characters all settle for a happy ending in their way. Possibilities of cancellation are there since the show isn’t doing so well with the rating and the viewership rate.

What happened at the end of Season 6?

“All Hands on Deck”, the last episode of Season 6, began with Billie and Conrad preparing Gigi’s birthday party. Suddenly, Conrad receives an emergency call from Randolph. On the other hand, the heart transplant surgery to save both the Governor and Chastain goes smoothly until Betz complains of chest pain while Pravesh and Conrad team up to find the cause. Later they realize Betz has an extended abdomen. Randolph saves the day by operating Betz despite their differences. 


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Later, we see Sullivan struggling with his addiction & when Kit asks him to take Sam’s case, he’s hesitant and agrees to consult the case only. Cade is surprised to see her dad back on the other side Sammy isn’t doing great. It’s not cancer, but she has Kawasaki Disease. Later, the surgery forces Sullivan to come clean about his addiction. Due to time deficiency, Randolph has no option but to let Sullivan do the surgery for his Granddaughter. Despite the bumpers, the surgery is successful. He’s offered a second chance at being a doctor. Meanwhile, Pravesh proposes to Leela, to which she says yes! This is how the season ended, with everyone enjoying Gigi’s birthday party.