The Uncanny Counter Season 2: What to expect?

the uncanny counter season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

“Even if you try hard to ignore your wound, it won’t go away. That wound will stay deep in your heart and continue to hurt you.”

Who else sobbed when So Mun met his parents? I’m sure I did! The Uncanny Counter has been the fun thriller fantasy drama and fans just can’t get enough of. So we are here to talk about the upcoming season, but before that, let’s revive our memories of the first season’s finale. The Counters were good with handling Level 1 & 2 evil spirits, even okay dealing with Level 3 but Level 4? They got beaten several times!

In the final, we saw So Mun fighting the Level 4 demon with one working leg( because the demon broke the other one). Although, our counters are capable of anything. So Mun summons the evil spirit, keeping his faith in his team and ignoring Shin Myeong-hwi’s tricks. At last, the evil spirit is defeated, but So Mun is out of energy. In his unconscious state, a reunion with his parents happened, during which he sobbed uncontrollably. Luckily Ms. Chu heals him in time & the end, they all are back at the shop. While Yung puts the wish to explore the country, we knew The Uncanny Counter Season 2 was on its way!


What to expect from the Uncanny Counter Season 2? 

Before we start to dig further, let’s take a moment to thank Studio Dragon for developing the incredible series. Most importantly, thanks to Jang Yi, for creating the Amazing Rumor webtoon on which the series is based! Now coming back to the back topic, it’s not a long wait for the second season. The Uncanny Country Season 2 is set to arrive on your screens on July 29, 2023, as we are aware that the season got renewed on January 25, 2021. It’s been months since the last season got aired & we’ll be more than delighted to welcome the second one. 

the uncanny counter season 2

If you are going to ask how many episodes, then we have to deliver the news that this season is supposed to be shorter than the previous one. The Uncanny Counter Season 2 is set to run 12 episodes every Saturday & Sunday only on tvN after July 29. Since South Korea will be the first one to get the release, let’s see how much time will take for Netflix to release it for international viewers. The final for the second season is set to release on September 3, so get ready to schedule your weekend accordingly!

There must be several others, thinking if the series is supposed to get released this early, there must be a trailer, right? We heard you guys, so here is the teaser of The Uncanny Counter Season 2, posted by tvNdrama! Alongside this exciting action, the teaser also offers a sneak peek of the cast members in which we see a transformed and much more powerful So Mun ready to take on terrifying adversaries. So let’s see who’s joining the second season without main leads: 

  • Cho Byeong Kyu as So Moon
  • Yoo Joon Sang as Ga Mo Tak
  • Kim Se Jeong as Do Ha Na
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Choo Mae-ok
  • Ahn Suk Hwan as Choi Jang Mul
  • Yoo In-soo as Na Jeok-bong 
  • Kang Ki Young as Pil Gwang 
[필광 티저 FULL] 손짓 하나로 카운터들을 단번에 압도하는 악귀 최상위 포식자 강기영 #경이로운소문2:카운터펀치

Now that we are aware of the main leads, can we take a moment to talk about Kang Ki Young’s acting diversity? I mean, the person who played such a supporting attorney in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is now ready to slay in the villain role. Heads off! Now that I’m done with fangirling, we saw in the trailer that the range of their hunt has increased with So Mun’s powerful glimpses; with the other counters’ development, we are dying to watch the series! Only a few days wait, and then binge-watch!