Top 5 movies on Netflix to watch this weekend

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Credits: NETFLIX

If going out on a weekend is not your cup of tea and you are one of those who prefer laying on their sofa with a chips packet lying by their side and some good movie playing in the background, you are not alone. While this might sound like a perfect weekend plan for many, however finding a good movie to watch might land you in a situation where you are struggling to get that last piece of chips already. So, to save you from this horrific situation and help you find a good movie before you even tear open your favorite snack, here are a few Netflix recommendations.

Here’s the list of Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend! 

Kuttey (2023) March 15:

Kuttey (Official Trailer) | Arjun Tabu Naseeruddin Konkona Kumud Radhika Shardul Aasmaan | 13th Jan

Aren’t we all suckers for action films? If you are one of them, Kuttey is the pick for you! Indian action thriller film, written by Assmann Bhardwaj. The film is also a directorial debut for Mr. Bhardwaj. Three stray gangs unknowingly cross paths while being on the hunt. Their destination is the same, to get the hold of a Van carrying crores of cash! But the twist is the limited time while three other competitors. Bullets…Blood…Betrayal…it’s every man for himself… all the Kuttey are after one bone. Who’ll earn & who’ll lose? or greed above all human rules? The film is available on Netflix since it got out on march 15. Kuttey is one of the Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend! So what are you waiting for?

Kick-Ass 2 (2013) March 16:

Kick-Ass 2 Official Theatrical Trailer #2 (2013) - Chloe Moretz Movie HD

Ordinary humans wanna be superheroes. Kick-Ass 2 is a black comedy superhero film directed by Jeff Wadlow. The film was originally released on August 14, 2013, but it premiered on Netflix on March 16. Kick-ass, a superhero forced to attend high school. New heroes are coming out of the shadow while old allies are being formed to fight the Red Mist and his army. In the first part, we saw how Big Daddy and Hit Girl attempt to dismantle the underworld empire of mom boss Frank D’Amico & got big daddy killed. However, they formed allies with Kickass. The second series is all about how Hit girl is coping with ordinary life while fighting off evil under a mask.

Still Time / Era Ora (2023) March 16:

Era Ora | Trailer Ufficiale | Netflix Italia

We are often taught to focus on the present than wasting it on worrying about the future. If it’s still hard for you to grasp the concept, Still Time/ Era Ora is the series for you. Dante and Alice are a couple very much in love. Alice is an artist in search of success, while Dante is a workaholic. What’ll happen when every time he wakes up, a year of his life is gone by? Their relationship is tested by Dante’s life routine, which is to earn all the time in the future throwing away his present and the crucial moments of his life. Will he understand the importance of the present? Will he keep throwing it away for a better unknown tomorrow? The film is now available on Netflix for you all to enjoy!

In His Shadow (2023) March 17:

LE ROI DES OMBRES Bande Annonce VF (2023) Kaaris

The film tells us to accept our flaws rather than drown due to the guilt of having them. The French thriller film is all about accepting your weakness and crafting it into your strength. Half-brothers Ibrahim (Kaaris) and Adama (Alassane Diong) reside in the banlieues on the outskirts of Paris after their father decides to open his storefront in a Senegalese-French immigrant community. The two siblings diverge on many fronts, but perhaps the most visible (pun intended) is that a childhood accident potentially spurred on by black magic renders Adama blind. After their father’s death, the community is thrown together toward destiny. The only way Adama can help with his blindness, the same witchy curse that made him blind could provide an unexpected way out.

The Magician’s Elephant (2023) March 17:

The Magician’s Elephant | Official Trailer | Netflix

On a quest to find his sister, Peter crosses paths with a fortune teller in Market square. The answer to his question is he must find a mysterious elephant and the magician who will conjure it. The tale is about the loving brother who will do impossible tasks to get the elephant and ultimately lead him to his long-lost sister! The animated film is an Award winning story of author Kate DiCamillo. The one you can’t miss in adding to your Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend!