Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist

Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist

“Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from feeling the light again.”

The action-packed crime thriller series, The Blacklist has made its place in our hearts & we are suffering from withdrawals now. The ten seasons, with more than two hundred episodes, withdrawn was gonna happen. So the fans are begging James Spader to give life to Red again, that might not be possible, but we got a gift for you all!

Since Red made it his mission to avenge Liz and neutralize the criminal lord, it’ll be perfect if we bring the list of Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist! More action, drama, and, of course, thriller! Are you all ready to dive into the world of another series that is similar to The Blacklist? 

Criminal Minds 

Total seasons – 16

Where to watch – Disney+

Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist
Credit: Paramount+

If you are familiar with Criminal Minds, we can guess you have an idea about Criminal Minds Evolution. For those who aren’t aware, Criminal Minds is an epic crime thriller series that revolves around the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. Their main focus is on analyzing & profiling criminal behaviors or patterns to deal with them. Since Red was an associate with the FBI & his job was to deal with most wanted criminals, this series is a perfect pick for you. Criminal Minds have one of the longest TV-running crime dramas, one of the reasons why it’s on the list of Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist. 


Total seasons – 5

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

This series does relate to The Blacklist due to its crime-solving genre, although the difference is there is a superhero involved in it. I’m pretty sure you’ll guess which one after hearing the word, Gotham. However, the series revolves around James Gordon, a GCPD Detective tasked to solve Gotham’s crimes, including Bruce Wayne’s parents. As the series goes by, we get to see his struggle, and with that, his lifestyle changes drastically too. 


Total seasons – 5

Where to watch – Netflix, Hulu

Blindspot - Trailer

Another crime thriller series from our list of Top 5 shows to watch if you love The Blacklist. Blindspot revolves around a mysterious tattooed woman who was found inside a travel bag in New York City. She doesn’t have any past or present memories. All she has is her tattoos that contain clues to solving crimes. She happens to be trained & skilled at combats. With the seasons, her identity finally gets revealed. Meanwhile, she helps the cops in solving several criminal cases whose clues are in her tattoo. This show will leave you wondering where on earth she really came from. 


Total seasons –

Where to watch – Disney+ 

Homeland Season 1 (2011) | Official Trailer | Claire Danes & Damian Lewis SHOWTIME Series

The intense, gripping series, Homeland revolves around a CIA operative, Carrie Mathison, who believes Marine Nicholas, a hostage released after eight years, is involved with Al-Qaeda. With a heavy focus on international terrorism, the series is quite similar to the blacklist since both have nail-gripping thrillers. You have to watch this one if you are up for some intense, powerful suspense. 

The Blacklist: Redemption

Total seasons – 1

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC) Trailer HD

I’m pretty sure you all are already aware of this series. Still, it’ll be unfair if we don’t include this one in the Top 5 shows to watch in you love The Blacklist. It revolves around Susan Hargrave and Tom Keen, who runs Halcyon. When Tom learns that his father is alive in an investigating case, he runs deep to find the reason behind Susan & Howard’s rivalry. The secrets uncover & his new path in an international security organization is filled with thrones. You have to watch this one if you haven’t begun. Apart from that, let us know which one you liked in the comment section below.