Top 6 shows to watch if you liked Will Trent

Top 6 Shows to watch if you liked Will Trent
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“Are you ready for the list of series similar to Will Trent?”

The corruption case that introduced us to Will Trent was worth it. As much sarcastic as he is, Polaski is way better, and we all know it. Will Trent, who, despite being dyslexic, has become a Special Agent in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Ever since we got to know him on January 3, 2023, it has been a joyride.

However, after the final episode aired on May 2, 2023, we are craving the second season. While the second season has been renewed, we still have time before it gets aired. So to utilize that time efficiently, we brought a list of the Top 6 shows to watch if you liked Will Trent. So without wasting any more time, let’s go with the list! 

The Rookie

The Rookie (ABC) Trailer HD - Nathan Fillion series

If you like how Will Trent, despite having Dyslexic, applied in the forces, you’ll definitely like John Nolan, a 45-year-old whose dream is to join LAPD. Being the oldest Rookie has some side-backs too. However, John doesn’t back out from his dream. The Rookie is also a Police Procedural crime drama that showcases various police cases. The series has been going on since October 2018 & we hope they have no reason to stop there. One more thing we found moving from The Rookie is that the show is inspired by a real-life officer, Bill Norcross, who joined the forces at age 37. After crossing this one from our list of the Top 6 Shows to watch, if you liked Will Trent, let’s move ahead. 

Criminal Minds 

If you got a kick for the police procedural drama, Criminal Minds is the pick for you. It is an American crime drama series that is a little darker than Will Trent. This series showcases the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) who use their abilities to study & profiling the criminals to understand them better, ultimately helping with the investigation. If Will Trent had a bad past of getting abandoned by his parents, Aaron Hotchner, unit chief of the BAU, also had one. His girlfriend lost her life because of the criminal he was investigating. Apart from him, there are others too who also have a dark past. Criminal Minds is one of the longest-running series & the perfect show for you to pick! 


Quantico Official Trailer (HD) Priyanka Chopra ABC TV Drama

Another thriller series is Quantico. The series is similar to Will Trent since both follow a similar genre. However, Alex got worse than Will. She got framed in a terrorist attack & that was just the start of her downfall from one of the best FBI agents. We saw the past when she had friendships with her fellow recruits who, in the present, have turned against her. Quantico is a fresh concept of what happens to an FBI agent who lives when her involvement in a terrorist attack gets her reputation in drainage. All three seasons have given us goosebumps. You have to watch this one! 

Pieces of Her 

Pieces of Her | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you are thinking how this one is similar to Will Trent, well, it might not be a police procedural drama, but it is one of Karin Slaughter’s books that got adapted. Pieces of Her is a thriller drama revolving around a 30-year-old woman who witnesses her mother, Laura fighting off the gunman during the shootout at a local diner. Laura’s bravery gets the nation’s attention which forces her to send Andy on the run, but why? On her journey, Andy finds pieces of her mother, the one she never revealed. This series will have you biting your nails off! Cross this one out from our list of the Top 6 Shows to watch if you liked Will Trent.


The First EVER Scene | Monk

Just like Will Trent, Monk is also a Police Procedural comedy drama showcasing Adrian Monk, a private detective who consults the police while also trying to solve the case due to which his wife lost her life. I say this one is the most similar series to Will Trent as both are trying to deal with a dreadful past & a weakness. If Will have dyslexic, Adrian has obsessive-compulsive disorder, which got worse after his wife’s death. With eight seasons, this series is perfect for long-term commitment! 

The Wire

The Wire - Season 5 Trailer - Official HBO UK

Another American crime police drama, The Wire, is another perfect go-to show. It revolves around Detective James McNulty & his team situated in the city of Baltimore. His team tries their best to solve the cases while also developing a bridge that exists between the drug kingpins & them. You can watch all five seasons of this series on HBO. With this comes an end to our list of the Top 6 Shows to watch if you like Will Trent. Comment down which one is your favorite.