Virgin River Season 5: Martin Henderson teases summer release for the new season

Virgin River Season 5: Martin teases summer release for the new season!

“Those two have more sparks than a 4th of July parade.”

The beloved romantic tv series haven’t returned with its Season 5…yet. Hello, every fan of Virgin River. We bring some spicy news! Before we draw the curtains away, let’s quickly recap the Virgin River. After the steaming end of Season 4, we all are on the edge of our seats regarding Virgin River Season 5.

We heard about the renewal of Season 5 while filming for the season began after the fourth season got aired. While there were several whispers regarding the release date, a little birdie gave some updates too. Let’s see what Martin Henderson has to say. 

Virgin River Season 5: Martin teases summer release for the new season!

Many questions have been buzzing about the upcoming season like how many episodes are in season 5 or who is the cast of Virgin river. These are some basic questions, but if you dig deep you’ll know what’s really on the fan’s mind. As we all know, Mel and Jack’s relationship is the core of the show although there are some other focal points. Will the couple get a happy ending with a baby on the way?

What’s all the fuse regarding Martin’s recent announcement?

Martin Henderson as in Jack Sheridan has given his fans some spicy news, and even if it’s digital, it is too hot to handle. Are you picking the keywords hint or scrolling unconsciously? Spicy, hot, steamy. Finally, you all guessed it right! Virgin River Season 5 is coming super soon, while Martin teasing the summer release for the new season! 

Martin officially posted a video in which, he announced the Season 5 release in July 2023! While Alexandra Breckenridge released a cameo video saying,” The fifth season that’ll come out probably, I don’t know. Maybe it…July, again? Can’t be sure… nobody’s updated me.” sarcasm has many forms, and Alexandra’s was one of them. Apart from the cameo release. Can we talk about the excitement building with the fandom going crazy? Virgin River season 5 finished its production around November 22, 2022.

A great deal of celebration since the show completed around 50 episodes of Virgin River. With all the cake-cutting and photo sessions, one can guess how happy the cast and crew members were! 

What to expect in Virgin River Season 5?

A lot has been going on since the arrival of the baby girl. Especially when Charmaine confession that the twins aren’t of Jack. We can expect a lot to happen in Virgin River Season 5, like how the couple Jack and Mel are gonna handle being mom and dad. Meanwhile, Brie’s trial might take place soon. Since she has decided to file charges against Don, her rapist & former boyfriend. One of the many issues regarding Preacher killing Vince is to protect Paige. Is Vince dead? What’ll happen after that? How are they going to cope? 

Virgin River Season 5: Martin teases summer release for the new season!

It’s believed that season 5 will contain 12 episodes, and each is bombing us. What we know is that the couple who recently welcomed their princess in their lives are going to do everything to keep her healthy and safe. Hope might continue her work which means keeping Muriel as a friend. One of the interesting things Alexander gave up while giving an interview to Glamour is that the scriptwriters are thinking to add an LGBTQ+ storyline. That’ll widen the prospects of more couples while leaving our main cast to clean the mess in their lives.