Virgin River Season 5: Will we get new updates in June 2023?

Virgin River Season 5: Has the release date for the upcoming season changed?
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“If you’re stressed out about me having a high-risk pregnancy, it’s okay.”

The beloved couple in the novel and the series are massively missed & we can guarantee from September 27, 2018, Netflix has blessed our eyes with such a beautiful series. Being a novel addict, this show has been a blessing in disguise. We are pretty sure no one other than Sue Tenney could have converted Robyn Carr best seller novels into Netflix hit series. 

Virgin River is built around second chances and healing. The most authentic and original story one can ask for. Since the show is so popular for its heartfelt storytelling, stunning visuals, and relatable characters, fans are more than eager to know about the upcoming season. The show last aired its season on July 20, 2021, after which, fans are dying for the updates regarding Virgin River Season 5.

Will we get new updates in June regarding Virgin River Season 5?

The American Romantic series Virgin River has been missed by us and all we want is the latest season which looks like is going through the post-production stage. The release of Virgin River Season 5 is a long shot since we are yet to hear about its trailer or promo. Well, here is where things get a little bit more complicated. While we do think, Netflix is going to deliver some Virgin River footage before too long, that will probably not be a standard trailer. Instead, the premiere date will likely be revealed in June alongside a short teaser of around 15-30 seconds. Since the series has again become a hot topic, Netflix is spinning around to deliver the release date soon.

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Moreover, fan pressure has finally seemed to make Netflix think about our most-asked season. We believe Netflix will first announce the release date and then the trailer. Netflix does love its patterns, especially with a show like this that has such an established and devoted following. Filming for Virgin River Season 5, formally wrapped in late November of 2022, with the official Virgin River Instagram sharing, “That’s a WRAP on Season 5!” And then Martin Henderson (Jack) himself revealed the expected release date: “Probably in July,” meaning July of 2023, one year after the release of season 4. (Season 4 came out July 20, 2022.)


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We have talked about trailer & probable release date & now we can talk about the episode count in Virgin River Season 5. In the first three seasons, the episode count in each installment rounded up to 10 episodes, while the count went up in the fourth season. So, naturally, we would want to ask how many episodes will there be in the upcoming season. On September 20, 2021, Netflix renewed the series for a 12-episode fourth and fifth season.

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While this community may feel idyllic at times, there are often twists around every corner & we expect something similar here. The trailer will amplify some conflict — after all, don’t they want you to watch? This community may feel idyllic at times, but there are often twists around every corner & we predict something similar here.

The trailer will amplify some conflict after all, don’t they want you to watch? Until then, we can enjoy the little BTS reels and photos, the cast has gifted us with! Hope we get to watch the upcoming season in July soon, probably after the release of The Witcher Season 3. While we wait for Virgin River Season 5 let’s re-watch some beautiful clips and the fourth season to refresh our minds! Let us know your views on the upcoming season in the comment section below! Stay tuned to get to latest updates!