Warrior Nun Season 3: Is the third season happening?

Warrior Nun fans trends #SaveWarriorNun to renew the fantasy drama for a third season
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“My whole life, I’ve dreamt about being dead. I leave my body and I see myself from the above. A normal girl… Until I wake up.”

Ava’s journey isn’t over yet! But before we jump into it, let’s revive our memories! At the end of the second season, we saw the nuns fighting to stop Adriel before he became unstoppable. In the final, we saw Adriel finally get defeated but not before Michael’s death or Ava barely surviving. While Beatrice & Ava’s goodbye kiss made us cry, it was worth it if Ava could survive by following Reya into her realm. Lilith’s continuous shift from good & to bad tends to confuse us, but her intentions to help Ava were true, especially after Adriel wasn’t filling her ears. While she suggested Ava cross the Ark, she also warned others that the Holy War was coming.

As a fan, I was worried as if this wasn’t the war… how dreadful the actual one will be? In a post-credits scene, Beatrice departs the OCS as the warrior Nun’s division sword lights up. The suspense can only be revealed in the Warrior Nun Season 3! 

Warrior Nun Season 3: Is the third season going to happen?

Is the Warrior Nun Season 3 going to happen?

Before we jump right on the topic, let’s take a moment to thank Simon Barry for creating such a wonderful show & Netflix for giving it a platform for those who aren’t aware that Warrior Nun is based on an American comic book written by Ben Dunn. The comic book is titled Warrior Nun Areala, mentioned quite a few times in both seasons as well. We all are familiar with how Netflix canceled Warrior Nun Season 3, which raised quite a fight between its fans & the opposite party.

Warrior Nun Season 3: Is the third season going to happen?

The fight’s most popular method got the petition which was started by Sarah Manning. To date, 1,23,655 signatures have been signed, while the target of 1,50,000 isn’t that far away. Apart from that, various hashtags have been running on Twitter, while the most popular one remains #SaveWarriorNun. The prayer & struggles of the fans have been finally answered. In simple words, the Warrior Nun Season 3 is happening! But how do we know it?

All thanks to Simon’s recent tweet, which energized the fandom! In this tweet, he wrote, “Today I’m happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion, and amazing efforts – #WarriorNun will return and is going to be more EPIC than you could imagine. More details to come! SOON! Thank you!! “

Noticed how the hashtag #SaveWarriorNun went to #WarriorNunSaved. This is the power of the internet and, more importantly, the power of unity. Even Barry’s dream to create at least five to seven seasons of the series might come true with the return. Since we all are in such a cheerful mood, allow me to slip one slightly inconvenient piece of news. Per Entertainment Weekly, it got confirmed that Warrior Nun Season 3 will not premiere on Netflix, the streaming service which originated the fan-favorite series.

At the time of writing, it’s currently unknown which platform is responsible for saving the show, as showrunner Simon Barry has kept many of the details of the situation vague as it should be until everything gets confirmed. After hearing the positive news, fans have leaped into the future & have already started questioning the potential release date. Well, it’s for sure Warrior Nun Season 3 won’t be coming anywhere in 2023 or early 2024. However, we do have a hope for its return maybe in summer or spring 2024. 

Warrior Nun: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Since the writers’ strike happened in the Hollywood entertainment industry, nothing can be estimated regarding the release date for Warrior Nun Season 3. We don’t need to be worried about the future if we can take a moment to celebrate the victory of the fandom & its supporters too. Do let us know your thoughts on the third installment in the comment section below!