Wednesday Season 2 rumored release date: What we know so far

Wednesday Season 2
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“If You Hear Me Screaming Bloody Murder. There’s A Good Chance I’m Enjoying Myself.”

The sadistic with a dark personality, Wednesday Addams, is something else. While two boys fanning over her but her being more involved with the murder investigation, Ya Wednesday set some standards for us. Since the summer breaks in Nevermore academy, we are waiting for the school to re-open, & let us welcome our favorite outcaste with open arms! Although, Wednesday isn’t a hugger! While we wait for the upcoming season, let’s crumble around all the info about Wednesday Season 2 and its expected release date.

Is Wednesday Season 2 renewed?

The official end of the first season is November 23, 2022. Wednesday Season 2 renewal got announced on January 2023. Thanks, Netflix, for wishing us New Year with the renewal tweet! On January 6, 2023, Wednesday Addams, the official account of Twitter, broke away the news with glimpses of season 1 while other glimpses of the worldwide love of the audience. 

While Wednesday’s response at the end was, “Honestly, I wish I cared a little more.” which is the exact opposite of our’s reaction. More torture is coming. Lucky you, Wednesday Addams! There are more mysteries to unfold and get underneath the surface.

What about Wednesday’s Season 2 release date?

The creators of Wednesday, Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, have done an outstanding performance with the show & especially after they released a statement,” We can’t wait to dive head first into another season & explore the kooky spooky world of Nevermore.” Now, fans are craving more news or statement. 


Wednesday Season 2: Netflix confirms a season renewal
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Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a single official news from the cast or crew regarding the second season. There have been statements here and there about the show in multiple interviews & we’ll get more confirmation when there is some official announcement. Till then, we expect the release of Wednesday season 2 at the end of 2023 or in early 2024. Not before then, since the filming of the new season hasn’t started yet. 

What to expect from Wednesday Season 2?

There are so many questions to ask and no one to answer them. The last episode might have resurrected Wednesday & Thornhill’s plan landed straight into the ground. There is much more than that surely the prophecy came true, but Wednesday saved everyone. Is she safe since she has a stalker?

What we know about Wednesday Season 2 & it's rumored release date?
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Millar has commented regarding the stalker issue, “We know who it is, we can’t tease who it is. We certainly have big plans & lots more stories to tell in terms of Wednesday & her friends.” Apart from them, our theory is Tyler will be back, we know Tyler betrayed Wednesday, but he was merely a puppet while his master controlled him. Gough has said whether Tyler had the real feeling or it was just part of Laurel’s plan. He doesn’t even know. There was some primal attraction, but were they real feelings?”


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Hopefully, the romance between them will bloom, or Wednesday might become Tyler’s master in the absence of Thornhill. The possibilities of that happening are endless & since Wednesday isn’t interested in anyone. Things might turn more interesting with the bonus of Xavier’s growing attraction towards her. There are several theories while we want to discuss every single one, we need more evidence to prove that. Till then, enjoy rewatching the first season on Netflix while letting us know in the comment section what you think!