What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

The rumors about Megan Fox and Machine Gun breaking up have initiated from the digital world. But what provoked those rumors, or what happened? To answer those questions, we all need to dig into the past. The American Actress Megan Fox is well-known for her role in Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fox’s sudden disappearance from Instagram has raised many questions, while her last post has raised doubts regarding her engagement with Machine Gun Kelly. So what happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

How long were they together?

When 36 years old, Megan Fox divorced Brian Austin Green after nearly 10 years of marriage. The divorce was finalized in 2021, while in June 2020, Fox announced her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. So the expectations are that Fox and Mchine gun began dating in March 2020 while shooting Midnight in Sweetgrass. However, the film got canceled due to the pandemic, but the actors were spotted spending time together. 

What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

Brian announced that he and Megan have been on break since December 2019, when Megan was spotted without her wedding ring. Later in June 2020, they officially announced their relationship, while in January 2022, Machine Gun proposed to Fox, resulting in their engagement. Megan used to address Machine Gun as her Twin Flame.

What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

It’s believed that after Megan Fox’s sudden disappearance from her Insta account, fans also noticed she took down a couple of posts. Although, her last post was hours before she deactivated her account. She posted a selfie wearing a black body suit with the caption,” You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath,” it’s a line from Beyonce’s song Pray you Catch Me.” Not only the selfie but also posted a video of a letter burning. Before leaving Instagram she unfollowed the rapper and followed Eminem, Timothee Chalamet, and Harry Styles.

What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?
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While people who don’t know the history of Eminem and Machine Gun might think this is all an innocent act. Apart from this Megan and Machine Gun have spotted at Super Bowl, where Kelly performed his famous song, The bloody Valentine”. In the photos, we can see that Megan has taken out her engagement ring. 

While the couple hasn’t directly given any statement regarding the rumors, we believe it’s only a matter of time. Some insiders have said that their relationships have always been intense. They passionately love each other like how they fight, although this seems a serious one. 

Did Machine Gun cheat on Magan Fox?

The rumors of Machine Gun cheating on Megan Fox have been buzzing all over the internet. Some say he cheated on Fox with his lead guitarist Sophie. Although after the fox Instagram account disappearance, they have spotted partying all weekend at Super Bowl. One source also told that Megan tends to troll her followers whenever their relationship hit a low. 

What happened between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

 A user once posted on Sophie’s install that He probably got with Sophie” to which Megan Fox replied maybe I got with Sophie”. Since she’s bisexual, there is a possibility. While we can’t be sure what happened between the two, all we can hope is one of the buzzing couples of the Hollywood industry wishfully gets together and throw away all the negative rumors.