What Penn Badgley has to say about his role in You Season 4?

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“If he loves you, that’s the most dangerous thing.”

The famous actor often is recited through their character’s name. The more popular the character gets, the more often the artist’s real name gets replaced by their character’s name. Artists often have their reviews which get spoken in interviews or with others. One of the most popular series nowadays is You.

The series returned on Netflix with Season Part 1 on February 9, claiming the territory of Joe Goldberg. After watching the series, the only person who can give our answers about Joe’s transformation is Penn Badgley. However, before we start questioning his character on the screen, let’s get to know, “What Penn Badgley has to say about his role in You Season 4?

Before we start pointing out Penn Badgley’s opinion’s about his role in You Season 4, we first need to know about it. You Season 4 is an American psychological thriller TV series. It successfully aired on February 9, 2023, and now everyone is waiting for Part 2. The main lead actor, i.e, Penn Badgley, has something to say about his role in Season 4.

Penn Badgley review about his role in You Season 4:

Ever since Penn Badgley started playing the role of Joe in You, he gained lots of popularity while he was the one who could understand the mindset of Joe. He says in an interview about his character after the shift in the shooting location from the United States to London, “The problem is in him, it’s not so much outside of him, so he’s trying to change. He is always trying and failing.”

What Penn Badgley has to say about his role in You Season 4?

After the release of the new season part 1, the fans noticed slight changes in the format of the series. The Gossip Girl star also confirmed by stating,” The tone is similar, but it’s shifting in that there is a different format. We’re using a different format.”

Penn further added during his interview with TV Insider,” To spend five episodes in a different genre altogether is a stretch and a challenge. I think we rose to it.”

While trying to explain Joe’s mindset in Season 4 part 1, Penn stated in one of his interactions with The Hollywood Reporter,” The reality of somebody who kills people is that it’s hard to change because what you’re having is a response to this deep grained belief that had to have started in early, early life. Your nervous system, your brain, your heart everything about you is wired to believe that you’re constantly in threat, in danger.”

What Penn Badgley has to say about his role in You Season 4?

When asked if he wanted to comment on anything regarding You Season 4 part 2, he said,” I think at the end, people might be pulling their hair out. But at the same time, the reason we like this show is the reason that it’s not so easy to give Joe what he deserves, I don’t think we know what Joe deserves.” 

About You Season 4 Part 2 release date:

While we get addicted after watching the first part, we want to know what happens in the finale. Will Joe survive his fake murder charges? Will the real murderer get jailed, or Joe has to suffer the consequences? Is Love Quinn dead? 

So many questions that can’t be answered right away. No matter how much we dwell on Penn’s interviews. The only way we will receive the answers is when Part 2 will get released i.e, on March 9, 2023.