When could Wednesday Season 2 come out?

Wednesday Season 2
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“For the record, I don’t believe that. I’m better than everyone else. Just that I’m better than you.”

The victims survive, but the killers won’t. Wednesday Addams, our psychopath queen, proved to us that not even death can keep her away from her investigation! If you are a fan of murder mystery, this show is for you, if you love a good thriller and horror show, this show is for you too and lastly, if you love dark comedy, guess what? This show is for you! With around 341 million hours of views, Wednesday Season 1 stole the audience’s hearts! But now the main question is, When could Wednesday Season 2 come out?

Having an 8.2 IMDb rating, one can assume the popularity of the show. Fans are buzzing about Wednesday Season 2, whether it’s related to the twist, hyping about Season 1 ending, or the release date. The Addams Family spinoff, Wednesday has separate fan bases. More than that, Jenna Ortega’s performance is what won the audience’s hearts. With that brilliant performance, many of us want to know when Wednesday Season 2 is airing.

When could Wednesday season 2 come out?

On January 6, 2023, Netflix officially announced the Wednesday Season 2 renewal. We loved our New Year’s gift, but curiosity got the best of us. The Nevermore Academy will be back but when? Unfortunately, there’s no official notice about it. So says, Wednesday might return on Netflix at the end of 2023 or some are saying in early 2024. However, without any proof, all we can do is rewatch Wednesday Season 1. 

Wednesday Addams | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix

In the announcement video posted by Netflix, it is confirmed that “more misery is coming” Apart from Wednesday’s thank you for being hunted, haunted, and tortured, I loved the background song (Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga). 

Theories about the Season 2 plot:

With the killer on run, Wednesday fans are also running their wild imaginations into wilder! There are so many crazy theories that, the writers could take inspiration from. Some of these are related to Morning Sun Cult, the evil cult run by Binance’s mother. 

Wednesday Season 2

Tyler fans also say that after Hyde’s master goes missing, Tyler might become an ally. He might regret his actions & save himself from the police. He might turn to Wednesday for help. One can only guess! 

However, my favorite one is that Lurch, the Addams family butler, might not be who he is. Principle Weems, her shapeshifting abilities might have survived her murder after all!

Who might be the stalker?

The vast majority points their finger toward Enid, I know, I don’t want to believe that either, but the majority is crazy! Since she’s the most bubbly and cheerful personality, not to mention the first person whom Wednesday hugged!

Wednesday Season 2


Although, some others think that Xavier might be the stalker. Since he’s the one who gifted the phone & he seems to have some physical connection with Hyde. But judging how much mystery Wednesday writers love, I’m pretty sure whoever turns out to be the stalker. The show will contain the most dreadful scenes with the darkest humor!