You Season 4 Part 2: What we know so far

You Season 4 Part 2: Trailer, Part 1 recap & more!

“A murderer investigating a murder investigation.. that should be fun.”

Hold your breath while we announce that the You Season 4 Part 2 trailer, has been dropped by Netflix. Behold the journey of Joe, an ex psychopath whose on the journey of self-improvement. However, that’s not going so well since he’s again gotten involved in another murder. While his will to be with Kate is one of his next obsessions.

As lovely as it is to see Joe trying to improve, London has its ways to make Joe’s path difficult. What else is there? What happens next? Ha! Don’t we all want to know that? Don’t worry got your back. In the article, everything you need about the You Season 4 Part 2 trailer or part 1 recap!

You Season 4 Part 2: Trailer, Part 1 recap & more!

Penn Badgley has already said in his interviews that no matter how much Joe tries to move on from his past, in his mental state he always thinks if he’s being chased or not or if he’s paranoid. These little things are making Joe Goldberg’s self-improvement journey challenging & let’s not forget about the recent murder case in which he’s the suspect. In You Season 4 Part 2, we’ll see Joe sweating about the whole situation he got caught in while someone returning is going to spice things up!

You Season 4 Part 2 Trailer and Release Date:

In all four installments of the You series, we have seen Joe’s obsession, & how deadly it is while he’s in love. In season 3, things turned when the girl he loved, Love Quinn, was as psycho as he was. Developing a relationship and ultimately getting married we thought that was Joe’s happing ending. Weren’t we wrong? Joe and Quinn might have married, but with two psychopaths under the same roof, you can get the idea of how crazy things must have been.

The trailer had us on the edge while we chanted that Joe saves himself from the killer (as in singular), but after watching the Trailer, Joe needs to protect himself from the Killer(s). You read it right Love Quinn is back in town! We can see Quinn, is not happy. Well, who would be when her husband kills her and then gets away with the murder too? Everything will be clear on March 9. 

You Season 4 Part 1 Recap:

A lot has happened since Joe murdered his wife before she got the chance. He’s Professor Jonathan Moore, courtesy of Elliot, the hitman hired by Quinn’s father to kill Joe. Joe as Professor Moore moves to London on a work visa and crosses paths with Malcolm, a rich fool whose a colleague of Joe’s. Malcolm helps him settle in while getting him an apartment next to his.

You Season 4 Part 2: Trailer, Part 1 recap & more!

From there, he meets Malcolm’s girlfriend, Kate. Joe starts developing feelings for Kate but refuses to let his obsession take over. To thank Joe for saving kate from robbery, Malcolm throws a party for him to which he invites the elites. Phoebe, Adam Pratt, Blessing, Simon, Sophie, and Rhys. The only person Joe bonds with is Rhyd, an author whose autobiography Joe has been reading. He was from a poor background until he learned he was the heir of the Duke.

You Season 4 Part 2: Trailer, Part 1 recap & more!

After excessive drinking, Joe wakes up only to find Malcolm’s dead body on his dining table with a knife stabbed in his chest. Confused Joe believes he murdered again. So he disposes of Malcolm’s body by cutting it into small pieces and throwing it into the river. After disposing of the body, Joe runs into Rhys, with whom he had a heartful talk about redemption. Kate invites Joe for Dinner with the elites, and unable to say no he agrees. While a notification from an unknown app alerts Joe’s brain after he learns the actual killer is someone else. Someone close to him. I think we all can guess who that can be!