A heart’s will: Pet dog Lulu ‘inherits’ $5 million after owner dies in US

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Lulu’s hooman owned massive amounts of real estate holdings and investments. (Photo: YouTube)

A millionaire dog’s life!

A successful businessman in the United States has left behind his fortune for his pet dog ‘Lulu’. A Border Collie — Lulu — has inherited $5 million (Rs 36,29,55,250) after her owner, Bill Dorris, died in Tennessee in 2020.

The 8-year-old dog is now in the care of Bill’s friend Martha Burton, according to reports.

Lulu’s hooman, in his will, had written that his money shall be transferred to a trust so that it can take care of Lulu after he is gone. The will also says that Burton is to be reimbursed for Lulu’s reasonable monthly expenses.

‘He just really loved the dog’

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what to think about it. He (Bill) just really loved the dog,” Burton said about Bill’s relationship with Lulu.

According to reports, it is unclear, as of now, how much wealth did Bill have. However, as per Burton, he owned massive amounts of real estate holdings and investments.

The large amount that Lulu has been left with does not mean that Bill’s beloved dog and her new owner can spend that as they wish. Burton is to be reimbursed for reasonable monthly expenses of Lulu, according to reports.

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