Måneskin’s Damiano David wants to collaborate with BLACKPINK; Details inside

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The MTV VMAs 2022 got over just two days back, but we seem to not get over them for all the obvious reasons! From celeb interviews to grand announcements, the event remains in the news even now. On August 28, 2022, Måneskin, the Italian rock band, was interviewed during the mega event. Among the questions that were asked to the group members included naming the artist with whom they wanted to take a selfie. The group’s bassist Victoria De Angelis was quick to take Nicki Minaj and Eminem. On the other hand, Damiano David said the unexpected as he took BLACKPINK’s name for the dream collaboration.

Check out the video below.

Seeing the same, the BLINKs are excited with the anticipation of the two groups coming together for an outstanding rock song. The fans recently got a new dose of music with BLACKPINK’s pre-release track Pink Venom. A few of them now want to see the group’s member Rosé as a rockstar owing to her amazing performance in Pink Venom. While one fan insisted on Måneskin taking them to Italy, another one talked about imagining the two groups collaborating together where Rosé unleashes her inner rockstar with the guitar, Jisoo sings in her deep voice, and Jennie and Lisa do the subtle rap thing.

Måneskin’s details

Talking about Måneskin, it is an Italian rock band that was formed in Rome a few years ago in 2016. The band includes Damiano David, who is the lead vocalist, bassist Victoria De Angeles, drummer Ethan Torchio, and guitarist Thomas Raggi. The group initially performed on the streets during its early days. It rose to prominence later after having finished second in the eleventh season of the popular Italian talent show named X Factor in 2017.

BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom

The BLACKPINK members are currently soaring high on the charts with their pre-release track Pink Venom, which is a part of the album BORN PINK. The new track is currently soaring high on none other than the Billboard charts itself! It was on August 29, 2022, that Billboard announced its weekly Global 200 charts and Global Exclusive US charts. The same revealed that the girl group’s track Pink Venom debuted at number one on both charts. For the unversed, BLACKPINK released the track on August 19, 2022.

Talking about Pink Venom, it has now become BLACKPINK’s first-ever song to have hit the number one rank on the Billboard Global 200 chart.